Dear friends on Romantic Diary…

Hi guys, first of all, thank you so much for using my invitation code and sharing your knowledge to the community! I may not reply much because I’m a super awkward person but I do read and appreciate your comments and help.

For my friends on RD who’ve been sending energy and AP from the Friends tab, thank you again. However, I’ve been quite busy lately and haven’t been on RD much so a lot of the gifts expire and go to waste.

As such, I wanted to let you guys know that you don’t have to send me those and I really appreciate you guys taking the time to press that button (it lags me a lot whenever I try to, not sure about you guys tho).

Wishing everyone happy gaming and fun dress-ups!


4 thoughts on “Dear friends on Romantic Diary…

      • Sorry, can you give the screenshot how to do it? I don’t think i find the choice to send something to my friends here.. only like, message, and friends amount.. thanks


        • Once you’re in the Friends page:

          You should see a list of your friends on the right. Press the icon with the light blue thunder and a small arrow that’s to the right of the name of whichever friend you wanna send it to.

          As for receiving, there’s a ‘Given List’ icon which lists vitality/energy and AP that your friends has sent to you. Those expire after a certain time so you might wanna collect them before that.

          If you don’t see any of the icons that I’ve described, you might wanna update the app or contact the developers.


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