[Zombie High] V7 Walkthrough

V7 Ranks
750+ – Beautiful, wonderful monster!
450+ – Heroic fecto
250+ – Pretty cool for a fecto
50+ – Hated by most, but not all
<50 – Gross fecto

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Look for a weak point
Go to where the action is
Ram a vehicle through a net

Try to trick your way in
Use cover to rush barrier
Try nearby buildings

Ram the door down
Climb to second-story window (life -3, cool +1 later)

Shoot him with Opal
Talk to him
Go for the window
Rush him

Climb out and drop
Dive out the window (life -2)

Drop down (life -1, cool +1)
Climb down

Try to contact Sven (cool +2)
Go to the TV station

Go to Victory Plaza
Ask to meet here
Ask questions (cool +2)

The fecto he tried to seduce (cool +1)
His pretend nationality
How the two of you first met

Join them
Make up an excuse (cool +1)

Jump the soldier now
Wait (cool +1)

Tackle him
Shoot him
Stick him up
Hit him in the neck

Eat the body
Leave it

Tell him it is lame
Say his vanity is coming in handy (cool +1)

Just shake your head at him
Tell him to focus
Make a wisecrack (cool +1)

(humanity +2)

Storm in
Let Sven take the lead




Ask directions from someone
Ask Sven to hack

Motion to Sven (cool +1)
You need to do her makeup
You’re here for an interview

Go after Brad and Angel
Ask Mondo to be more specific (cool +1)
Follow along with Sven

Chastise her about the call (cool +2)
Say you have an appointment
Say you’re here about ‘The Job’

Open the doors
Listen at the doors
Call out for Gloria

Shrug and shut the door
Say ‘Sorry to interrupt.’ (cool +1)

Pounce on her
Pull Opal
Put up your hands

The sector system president (cool +2)
Your father, the General

Rush Bennett
Shoot Bennett
Rush Gloria
Shoot Gloria

Tell the truth

‘I want to rescue you.’
‘I want a cure.’ (cool +1)
‘I want to escape.’

Go through the door
Look for a secret passage
Use Ava as a hostage

Reason with women
Ask Ava (cool +1)
Make threats

Don’t give her privacy
Give her privacy

Take a minute
Keep moving (cool +1)

Tell the truth and move on
Take some time (cool +1)

Go for the lab (cool +2)
Help Sven get undergroundx


Ends with life: 4, infect: 10, cool: 24, humanity: 8

Score: 960
Completed Zombie High V7 Achievement
Highest rank for Zombie High V7 Achievement

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3 thoughts on “[Zombie High] V7 Walkthrough

  1. Your walk through are the best i hope you definatley do the rest because i am so terrible at picking which choice to make!


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