[Demon’s Choice] Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Chapter 4 Ranks
1000+ – Azizella, Crusher of Fools
800+ – Beautiful and Clever Monster
550+ – Crafty Demon
300+ – Survivor of the Abyss
<300 – Sad Little Demon

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Chapter 4: The Fool

“I fear nothing!”
“Merely checking its quality.” (morale +1)
“One cannot be too careful.”
“Then join me.”
“Send me your most handsome and least dull incubus.” (morale +1)
“I shall bathe alone.”

Stop and make him leave (morale +1, morale +2 life +10 mana +5 later)
Keep going

Call for an assistant (morale +2)
Continue to study on your own

(mana +1, life +3)

Engage Vhessha in conversation
Focus on your surroundings (morale +1)

Help him clean (morale -1, Nice for a demon achievement)
Smile and shake your head
Take the brush and hit him with it

Kick him (morale +1)
Leave him to his work

Inspect your sword
Ask about your armor (morale +2)
Press them to give you a whip

His strength (morale +2)
His speed

Say “As useless as you’re proving to be?” (morale +1, You’re not gonna take it! Achievement)
Say “Enough of what you don’t know. What do you know?”
Squeeze Gaalmagus’s arm (morale +2, Suicidal tendencies Achievement)
Be silent and tap your foot in impatience

Stay still and allow them to crawl on you
Use flame fan (mana 2) (mana -2, morale +2)
Take flight (morale +1)




“Very well, I will do it myself, then.”
“Pentora, how does it feel to betray the sisterhood?”

“This is all so disgusting and unnecessary.”
“Admittedly, I am a little bored.” (morale +1)
“How can you stand by and watch your sisters treated so?”

“I wish to travel to the material plane.”
“I heard you know how to show a lady a good time.”

“I will help you eliminate a rival.”
“I will show you unimaginable pleasure.”
“You tell me. The Molgoth brothers referred me to you.”

The Lost Daughter (morale +1)

Afraid (morale +1)

Twist his wrist (morale +2)
Break his hold and punch him in the throat
Break his hold and head-butt him in the face
Knee him in the crotch (life -3, Groin Pains! Achievement)

Grapple and fly with him
Knee him in the face
Smash him into the floor (morale +2, life -3 later)

Fight the minions with your sword
Leap over the minions
Throw your sword and engage in hand-to-hand (morale +2, life -3 later)

(life -2)

Free some succubi
Throw large objects
Look for other weapons (morale +3)
Use your flame fan spell (mana 2)

Charge (Seize the initiative! Achievement, life -1 later)
Wait to see what happens

Look for loot and an escape (morale +1)
Crush The Fool’s soul (Greedy Achievement)

Fly to the door
Quickly inspect the other succubi (morale +1)
Look for secret doors and illusions

Burn the moss (mana 2) (mana -2, life -1, morale +2)
Flee now

Attack with your demon slayer sword (life -1, morale +2)
Summon Jack (mana 5)
Act like one of the other succubi

Cast flame fan (mana 2)
Get the whip (morale +3, life -3)

Ends with morale: 38, life: 2, mana: 5

Score: 1210 (+100 if 0 deaths)
Completed Chapter 4 of Demon’s Choice Achievement
Highest rank for Chapter 4 of Demon’s Choice Achievement

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5 thoughts on “[Demon’s Choice] Chapter 4 Walkthrough

  1. When they say Azizella turns to her true form which is slimy, what does it mean?
    what does the true form of succubi look like?


  2. I am missing a hidden achievement between ‘Act like a succubus!’ and ‘Greedy’. Do you happen to know what it is and/or how to unlock it?


  3. I love you for sharing the walkthroughs of Delight Games! I have that application’s pro version and demon’s choice 4 was published couple of months ago, however I couldn’t play it since I love doing so with a walkthrough. Please keep up the good work, I will be waiting for the 5th walkthrough of the series. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the sweet comment, I hope it helped! Glad to hear you support Delight Games, they totally deserve our support! I will when chapter 5 is out 🙂


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