[Helix Waltz] Event – Steam Age

Mechanical style event quests. Some failure dialogue and dialogue highlights. Special thanks to shucks!

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ageofsteam.jpg[img from HW’s Twitter]

Q1 – Whimsical Planmoshimushi.wordpress.com

Reward: EXP x500
Task: Talk to Maggie, Linglan, and finally Harson, about Olineaux’s Banquet at a specific ball.
Ball: Olineaux’s Banquetmoshimushi.wordpress.com

Magda: In fact, this is the case…
Flapping-wing aircraft (✓)
Balfey (Beauty Contest with Balfey)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Magda: If Mr. Balfey owes the Bavlenka family outside, Duke Olineaux will be furious. Should I…
Dissuade (✓)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Not interfere (✓) Vicky will dissuade Balfey instead, and Magda will apologise to her.

Dialogue Highlight
Balfey: Last time I used a lot of money to buy a new thing called Mechanical Pipe. But the experiment failed and I lit Dad’s beard. I almost got killed.moshimushi.wordpress.com


Q2 – Seek For Investorsmoshimushi.wordpress.com

Reward: EXP x500
Task: Talk to Coco, Shatina and Xavier in a specific ball.

Ball: City Assemblymoshimushi.wordpress.com
Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Note: Coco will challenge Magda to a beauty contest when Magda talks to her. Her strengths are Lively and Lovely. Her weaknesses are Noble and Mature.

Dialogue Highlights
Coco: Put the bomb… On the wings… It’s really exciting if it comes true! I’m gonna take it back and become the greatest Bomb Master in the world!
Coco: No, don’t bully me! I am going to explode!
Xavier: Just 80,000 gold coins? Okay, let’s go to the spire. Would you like a mercenary to accompany you? It’s not safe to walk down the street with so much money…


Q3 – Lightning Flight

Reward: EXP x500
Task: Beat Ladies A and B in Beauty Contests at a specific ball, OR ignore them, then talk to Lou, Christie and Balfey.

Ball: Xavier’s Lightning
Faction: Olineaux Familymoshimushi.wordpress.com
Difficulty: ★★★★☆moshimushi.wordpress.com

Note: Lady A’s strengths are Noble, Gorgeous and Mature. Her weaknesses are Pure, Lively.
Lady B’s strengths are Noble, Gorgeous, Mature and her weaknesses are Sexy, Lively.

Lady A
Master Xavier is powerful and handsome, and Mr. Balfey is lazy. Nobody cares about him.
Refute (✓ – Beauty Contests with Ladies A and B)
Ignore (✓)

If you picked Ignore
Balfey: I’ve heard what you said just now. Don’t comfort me. I understand that no matter how much effort I put in, when the handsome Mage appears, everyone will forget about the little fat man……moshimushi.wordpress.com


Q4 – Change of Xavier

Reward: EXP x500moshimushi.wordpress.com
Task: Go to Spiral Spire [Change of Xavier] and talk to Xavier.

Note: Electrical Genius will challenge you to a Beauty Contest as you’re talking to him. His strengths are Sexy, Lively and Gorgeous. His weaknesses are Pure, Delicate and Mature.

If lose
Electrical Genius: Enchantment start.

Dialogue Highlights
Electrical Genius: Yes, at the moment when the electric current passed through my brain, I suddenly understood the truth of life that I had been searching for. Beautiful girls! Miniskirt!moshimushi.wordpress.com
Electrical Genius: Beautiful girl, your skirt does not conform to my aesthetics. Come on, let me enchant!moshimushi.wordpress.com
Lou: He activated all the women’s underwear in the spire! Place Detection Eye in my bathroom! All the mages in the portraits were turned into abnormal clothes!


Q5 – For his Rescue

Reward: EXP x500
Task: Defeat Maid in a Beauty Contest at a specific ball.

Ball: Olineaux’s Housemoshimushi.wordpress.com
Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Note: Maid’s strengths are Warm and Cool. Her weaknesses are everything else.

Zoe & Balfey
Magda: (…………What should I do?)
Help Zoe (✓)
Help Balfey (✓)

Dialogue Highlights
Maid: I heard that a super wizard was hiding in the slum, working in a pie shop. I don’t know which one is better, Master Xavier or him?moshimushi.wordpress.com


Q6 – Unplug Connector!

Reward: EXP x500
Task: Go to the slum, scene of [Unplug Connector!], beat Foggy in a Beauty Contest and unplug the connector.moshimushi.wordpress.com

Note: Foggy’s strengths are Sexy, Lively, Gorgeous. Her weaknesses are Delicate, Lovely, Warm.

If lose
Foggy: I will never allow you to take such a risk, Magda, even to save the world!

Dialogue Highlights
Magda: Why is Master Xavier running around in the open space? And saying strange things… He… Is he chasing the hen on the ground?
Foggy: I can’t let you take the risk. Tell me what you want to do, I will do it for you.moshimushi.wordpress.com
Electrical Genius: Oh, not here. Don’t touch a man’s waist at will. I know you are obsessed by me. But, not now.moshimushi.wordpress.com


Q7 – Manned Test Start

Reward: EXP x500
Task: Go to the slum, scene of [Manned Test Start] and beat Shatina in a Beauty Contest.moshimushi.wordpress.com

Note: Shatina’s strengths are Sexy, Lively, Mature and Cool. Her weakness is Pure.

If lose
Shatina: Yeah, they just called to remind me of the meeting. So boring! I have to leave now. See you next time!


Q8 – Fly High!

Reward: EXP x500
Task: Defeat Ladies A and B in Beauty Contests at a specific ball.
Ball: Flapping Wingmoshimushi.wordpress.com
Difficulty: ★★★★★

Note: Lady A’s strengths are Noble, Gorgeous, Mature and her weaknesses are Pure, Lively.
Lady B’s strengths are Noble, Gorgeous, Mature and her weaknesses are Sexy, Lively.

Dialogue Highlights
Zoe: Hurry up! Initiate No.3 emergency response plan!


Q9 – Since After

Rewards: EXP x500, Choice of Partner
Task: Defeat Lynna in a Beauty Contest at a specific ball.
Ball: Senate Dinner Partymoshimushi.wordpress.com
Difficulty: ★★★★★

Note: Lynna’s strengths are Sexy and Gorgeous. Her weakness is Delicate.

If lose to Shatina
Shatina: Ha-ha! Don’t worry. Come here and give your sister a hug! It takes me quite some time to dress up like this.moshimushi.wordpress.com

Today’s partner…
Xavier (Electrical Genius – Sexy, Gorgeous, Lively, [Mechanical])
Balfey (Pilot – Lively, Gorgeous, [Mechanical])
Zoe (Carefree – Delicate, Mature, Noble, [Mechanical])
Shatina (Sky Lieutenant – Lovely, Sexy, Noble, [Mechanical])moshimushi.wordpress.com


Sound of Music  |  Table of Contents  |  Sea of Fantasy


13 thoughts on “[Helix Waltz] Event – Steam Age

  1. This post is so great. Thank you so much.
    Can someone helpme with de 7 quest, please?
    I tried a lot of times and I can’t win. 😦
    ID: (146122)


    • Ah…I can’t seem to get past Shatina either 😦
      Does anyone have any suggestions or outfits that work? My friend code is 225958


      • Have you guys tried tackling BOTH her strengths and weaknesses? If you have any completed outfits, claim their stat boost reward in Gallery. Or get stat boosts from unlocking all of a character’s info, look for those that boost Shatina’s strengths and weaknesses.


  2. i cant seem to defeat Lynna at all for the last quest T.T
    please help..i try every combinations…..her strengths..her weakness..both of it..even other stats..but nothing…..can anyone suggests the outfit to me….tqqqqq


    • You can add me (116585) and borrow my outfit, which hopefully will work. EDIT: If you’re not Eja and have added me and have not been accepted, it’s because my friend list is full, sorry!!


        • Omg too many people added me, I only have a few slots because I deleted some (probably) inactives. Please let me know if you’re not one of those I accepted >< and if you’re not, what is your IGN so I know who to accept. So sorry! My IGN is Xhloe.


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