[Mabinogi: Fantasy Life] OX Quiz Contest Answers

Last update: May 2020. XO Quiz. Bingo! You jump or I jump

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Christmas in August” is called the Korean version of Love Letter Akai giwaku❌Swallowtail Butterfly❌ with its tragic story and great acting

“On behalf of the moon I’ll punish you!” is the catchphrase Sailor Moon of Sailor MoonKasugano Sora of Kasugano Sora❌Shinnazuki of Shinnazuki❌
“Shibuya Rin Yui Kotegawa”❌ the hair color of the three are all the same

“Something strange comes in” this quote derives from Love Hina❌

“No problem. Everything’s fine.” derives from El Shaddai: Ascension of the MetatronFinal Fantasy series❌Tales of Destiny

5 Centimeters per Second The Garden of WordsWolf Children❌ is a movie directed by Makoto Shinkai
A Kiss for the Petals OVASakura Trick K-On!is an animation with lesbian theme

Afterlife One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes Zombie Bro is a signed comic of U17.com

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day’s Your Lie in April’s(Clannad) CLANND’s❌Little Foxy Matchmaker’s❌heroine is dead in the end

Cardcaptor Sakura School Days’s hero didn’t die in the end

Castle in the Sky Porco RossoGrave of the Fireflies❌ is a movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki
Elsea KilluaMio Akiyama Sakurai Momokais left-hander

Fairy Tail Rave Master Assassination Classroom❌ is the work of Hiro Mashima

Harley Hartwell Ai Haibara❌from “Case Closed” is from Osaka

Ichigo KurosakiInuyasha❌ Yatogami Tohka❌ enjoys the tile of “Dian Type Hybrid Strawberry”
In “A Certain Magical Index”, Index has 103000 13000❌130000❌”little yellow books”

In “Blood Lad”, Staz Charlie Blood’s original power is sealed by Shoot the Restrict Round into the heartThrough runeUse Mana Fluxfield in the brain

In “Digimon”, Patamon can evolve into Lilimon

In “Doraemon”, Doraemon’s body is originally YellowBluePink

In “Fullmetal Alchemist”, Edward uses His own alchemy skillHis right hand The Dwarf in the Flask to exchange for his brother’s body in the end.

In “Future Diary”, Yuno killed her 12❌Countless❌”Self”
In “Hotarubi no Mori, the reason why the male protagonist cannot hold hands with the female protagonist is He will disappear once he touchesis transparent❌He got sick and he doesn’t want to❌

In “Inu x Boku SS”, Soushi is Nine-tailed FoxGhostSnake

In “Kagerou Project”, momo died from DrowningCar AccidentSuicide

In “Kill la Kill”, the clothes of the female protagonist is BloodBeach❌Purity❌

In “Monogatari Series”, Koyomi Araragi is also referred toAraragi-kunKing of the weird❌

In “Non Non Biyori”, the elementary first-grader with a Twine Tail is NyanpasuWoofpasu❌

In “Noragami”, Yaboku’s commission fee is 5 100❌450❌Yen

In “Oreimo”, the Hair Style of Ruri Goko’s sister, Tamaki Goko, is Ponytail❌Twine Tail❌

In “Romance of Long March”, the identity of the protagonist, Change Ge, is Daughter of Li Shimin’s elder brother.Daughter of Lishimin’s little brotherLi Shimin

In “Saki”, Rymonbuchi Toka’s unique skill is Cherry on the TopFishing

In “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, before the male protagonist traveled back to the future, he told the female protagonist that I’ll wait for you in theI love you❌I like you❌
In “The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls”, it’s mentioned that Akane Hino liked Black Coffee❌Garlic❌

In “Tom & Jerry”, the leader of “Three Alley Cats” is ButchTopsy❌

In “Toradora”, Taiga Aisaka is referred as Taiga AisakaLittle River❌Long Er❌

In “Unbreakable Machine-Doll”, the Three Puppets created by Shoko is called Snow Moon FlowersKaryusai❌

In “Yosuga no Sora”, Kasugano Haruka and Kasugano Sora Yes Nosilbings (siblings)

In Japanese anime, the race with the least population is OrcElfUndead

In manga version of “Sakura Trick”, Sakai Rina has a crush on GarlicBlack Coffee❌Curry❌

Lelouch’s first love in “Code Geass” is EuphemiaCCShirley

Luffy’s full name is Monkey DA❌ Luffy
OnixPrimeapeFlygon❌is an original Pokemon (Shown in the first Season).

Rachel Moore from “Case Closed” is an expert in KarateJudo
Sakura Chiyo’s 4x weakness is “❌Flying❌

Shimamura Uzuku can control weather, the rain will stop as he commands Shimamura Uzuki❌

Soka Gakkai Original Leader (4th Gen)’s SM ID is sm6999999sm6888888sm9666666
The “Ultraman 6” includes Ultraman LeoZoffy❌

The animated movie that won Miyazaki Hayao an Oscar Prize is Spirited AwayMy Neighbor Totoro❌

The Area 1110❌ from ACG culture stands for Japan

The blue and white bowl of “K-ON” belongs to Mio AkiyamaAzusa Nakano❌Tsumugi Kotobuki❌

The bowtie of Mayura Soda from “Red Data Girl” is tied on the hair LeftRear

The flavors that Mizuho Miyagi and Sakata Gintoki prefer are “Bitter“Sweet

The logo on Warrior Flamengo’s armor is SFSBSP
The East Emperor Tai Yi is the character of The Legend of Qin series

The hero of “League of Legends” is inspired by the hero Kha’Zix the Voidreaver Skarner the Crystal Vanguard❌ of Alien

The monster that has the first summoning line in the Yu Gi Oh series is Chaos WarriorDark Diver❌

The name of the female protagonist in “Kowarekake no Orgel” is FlowerYuka❌

The person who acted with Rie Miyazawa in Peony Pavilion is Joey WongMaggie Cheung❌Xu Jinglei❌

The protagonist of “AKB0048” Motomiya Nagisa’s final shumei is Atsuko MaedaMamiko NotoYuko Oshima

The protagonist of “Shonen Onmyoji” is Abe no Seimei’s grandsonhimself❌Son❌

The reason why the protagonist of “Strike the Blood” cannot summon magical beast is because He has never sucked blood beforeHe is a virgin❌Not enough powerful❌
The work as “This is life” is clannedair❌ angel beats❌

U.N from “Touhou Project” is Flandre ScarletHakurei Reimu❌ Lyrica Prismriver❌

Yang Shuzi is the character of The Legend of Qin series❌

Yugi Mutou❌ is the tallest among Yugi Mutou, Sueno Honekawa and Levi Ackermann
Yuta Togashi from “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions” claims to be Dark Flame MasterController of “Tyrant’s Eye”❌ Priestess

guide by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Common Sense

“WHO” stands for World Health OrganizationWorld Trade Organization❌

1 kwh of electricity can only make a 50 watt bulb light for 201025hours

A camel’s stomach contains 3 2❌4❌parts
A Song to Remember reflects the life of the Polish musician Chopin

Afghan Hound is also called Afghan HoundBracco ItalianoVizsla❌

Alligator’s tear is to Wash the salt in the eyesDisguise yourselfExpress sad emotion

America’s Opportunity found potential habitable traces on Mars based on The atmosphere suitable for living❌

AS in the macro economics refers to Total supplycost❌demand❌

August has 31 days Related to Earth’s rotation❌

Aurora is the special scenery you can see in High LatitudeHigh Longitude Low Latitude
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Basalt is a polyporous magmatite

Barbie Three Sisters consists of Little Kailyn appeared in 1995Stacy presented in 1992The Chubby available in 1964Little Kailyn appeared in 1990

Bok Choy CabbageLettuce❌ is originally from China

By mixing gold and copper according to a specific proportion, gold can change into Brown Gold❌

CathayaMaidenhair❌Pine Needleenjoys the title of “Panda of Plants”

Chilblains is caused by the injury of skin’s Arrector❌
Features of the temperate desert environment include Great temperature difference between day and nightThe plant has long roots and small leaves

Global Warming is a global environmental problem

Grassland can Absorbs sulfur dioxide and produces oxygen in environment protection❌

If someone is suffering from malnutrition and edema, he should take Eat more vegetables❌

If the human body becomes dehydrated 20%, it will endanger life20%15%, it will endanger life15%❌10%, it will endanger life10%❌

In Camera 135, “135” refers to Film numberCamera model❌

In order to maximize its effect, windbreak shall Formed with more than 10 5 to 10❌ rows of trees

In the stock exchange, Closing Opening❌Publishing❌ price is the most basic data to analyze the stock market

In the summer season, the humming sound of cicada is from MaleFemale

In your custom, the ring should be put on Wearing on the middle finger stands for being in lovepinky stands for currently singlemiddle finger stands for currently looking for a partner❌
Just like Statue of Liberty, another well-known nickname of the USA is Uncle SamOld Sam❌ Uncle Tom❌

Kiwi is a kind of Berries Melons❌Nuts fruit

Mahogany Ebony❌Narra❌in Redwood can sink into the water
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Mazurka originated from Finland❌

Mexico is located in North AmericaAfrica❌Oceania❌South America❌

Most African countries determine their borders by mountains and other natural landscapes”.Geometry of Line or Curve❌River

One tubular sunflower can yield OneHundreds and thousands of❌ sunflower seedsmoshimushi.wordpress.com

Pine Needle enjoys the title of “Panda of Plants”❌

Polaris often used to identify the direction at this phase is in Ursa MinorCentaurusOrion

Patato (Potato) is StemFruit❌Root❌of a plant

Flavoring EssenceFood coloring Rich Vitamin is usually included in jellies.
Scorpion Snail❌Turtle❌is an invertebrate with the slowest metabolism in the world

Sea with the lowest salinity in the world is  BalticAegean❌Red❌ Sea

Suez Canal belongs to IsraelPanama

The “Five Hardwares” in life stands for GoldSilverTinZinc❌
The biggest stone Buddha statue in the world is in “Pingshan Henan❌Luoyang❌

The birthday of Ye Xiu, the protagonist of “Glory”, is May 29th28th❌30th❌

The bust way to put out the fire of alcohol lamp is Close the lamp capPut out with water❌Sprinkle a layer of sand

The cat is protected well in Ancient EgyptRome❌Greece❌

The copier will produce Carbon Dioxide during the copy process❌

The country that is connect to the east of China is North KoreaJapan❌Russia❌
The domain suffix .uk refers for UKChina❌

The Earth Day is the Apr. 22ndApr. 20th❌ Dec 20th❌ of each year

The eight notes in Music Boxes are Eight types of instrumentsmusictones

The first Mahjong Museum in the world is located in Japan Saudi Arabia❌

The flower with a shorter flowering phase than the epiphyllum is Wheat flower Sesame flower❌Dandelion❌

The four important creations in the 20th century are ComputerSupersonic aircraft❌ 
The full name of Washington, the capital of the USA is Washing District of ColumbiaRoosevelt❌Truman❌

The general international naval speed uses “Knot” as unit, one “Knot” stands for 1.852 2.1523.112km/h

The greates branch of Yellow River is River Wei Bang

The god of love and beauty in Roman mythologies is Athena

The largest body of water on land is Glacier Ground❌RiverWater

The longest flying distance in the world is Artic TernAndes VulturBaltic GullIndian Swan
The longest organ in the gastrointestinal tract of the human body is Small intestine Large intestine❌Rectum❌

The longest series movie in Guinness World Records is Wong Fei-hung Star Trek❌ Star Wars❌Seriesmoshimushi.wordpress.com

The main reason that boasts Singapore’s economic development is Superior geographical locationRich labor resourceGood natural condition

The mathematician who has made the most progress on the Goldbach conjecture is Jingrun ChenJohn von NeumannPrague

The most commonly produced and widely used battery in the world is Zinc-carbon batteryRechargeable battery❌Wet Cell❌

The most important IT high-tech industrial base in the world, Silicon Valley is located in CaliforniaFlorida❌ Minnesota❌of USA

The oldest diamond in the world is Keunor Orlov❌Vulcan❌ diamond.
The peninsula with most oil is Arabian Asia Minor❌Italian❌ Peninsula

The Philippines is in AsiaAfricaOceania

The sea with the most islands in the world is Baltic Sea

The smallest sea in the world is Sea of Marmara

The terminal station in Europe of Eurasian Continental Bridge is RotterdamAmsterdam❌

Tokyo is one of the main financial centers in the world

Vitamin A is one of the nutrition contained in vegetables

When a person is drinking water while doing a handstand, ““Water will come out from the nose❌

When cooking poached eggs in a microwave oven, use a toothpick to puncture the egg whites and egg yolks mainly for Even heating❌Faster to cook❌

White is a vegetable with the least nutritional ingredients

XBOX ONESwitch NS is the product of Microsoft

guide by moshimushi.wordpress.com


“Barge Haulers on the Volga” has once shocked the world of arts, the creator of this painting is Gerasimov❌Vrubel❌
“Law” first appear in Slavery Capitalism❌Feudalism❌ society

A Tale of Two Cities is the masterwork of Dickens

Bacon is Jewish❌

ChekhovGorky❌ is the only writer from Russia who has reached the peak of the world of literature.

EinsteinNewton❌ is Jewish

Engels said someone is “The last Bard in Medieval Age”, the person is BoccaccioKeats

Euros are born in “Jul. 1st1999″

Goddess of Rocks is a work by Leonardo da Vinci

Golgi’s autobiographic trilogy is In the WorldMy Childhood❌
In 1794, Napoleon was held as a prisoner by the Thermidoriens for 14 1215 days

Internet came to China in the year of 1994 1992❌1993❌

Lenin called someone “A mirror of Russian Revolution”, it is TolstoyGorky❌Sholohov❌

Most of the architectures in the Eastern Roman Empire are Gothic Style❌

The “Red” in the novel “Red and Black” written by the French novelist Stendhal refers to it stand for the path to ‘Military world’❌The color of the revolutionaries’ clothes❌The Color of the Revolutionary Flag ❌

The campaign in the first World War that used gas for the first time is Battle of the VerdunMarne❌Somme❌

The Chinese folk song applied in Turandot is Jasmine Butterfly Lovers❌Red River Valley❌

The earliest record of Halley’s Comet is left by Chinese American❌Russian❌

The Little Match Girl Ugly Duckling is one of the works of Andersen’s fairy tales

The eighth wonder of the world is (Eiffel) Eiffei Tower❌

The first colorful newspaper appeared in UK❌
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The first nation in Europe to use the printing machine is Icelanders Danes❌Irish❌

The first shot that symbols the freedom of the united States of America started on Lexington Washington❌

The largest stone construction in the world is The Great Wall of ChinaEgyptian Pyramids❌ The Roman Colosseum❌

The poker cards are made based on ancient calendars. The jokers refer to “DayKing❌Queen❌

The scientist as “The Father of Physics” in the west is ArchimedesNewton❌Euclid❌
The so-called theory of “Invisible Hand” in the field of economics was originally presented by Adam Smith David Ricardo❌Marx❌

guide by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Mabinogi – Revive

Actually Mari is Tarlach’s Daughter❌First Love❌sister❌

After marriage, both can try their best Exclusive Couple CostumeForming a team to get EXP bonus

ArcherBardGirlWarrior Alchemy❌ For Accessory❌ Mage❌ Older than 15 years old remaining attendants have an odd number Warning: XO for this question seems to be inconsistent

Bar in Emainmacha has Two staff
Dellen and DelDeian and Tin❌ are a pair of twins

During engagement can change gender

During the night of “Tragedy of Emainmacha” , Leydaio was Dating with Aranwen under the red treeDrinking with the soldiers to oblivion❌Having a meal at the restaurant of Emainmacha with Aranwen❌

Emainmacha has a total of 6758❌ lamps

Emainmacha Tirchonaill❌ has beggars

Esras is Druidincubus❌

Final Boss of G9 Plot is Sword of LightColon Colonia❌Tiahera❌ 
Fleta’s pet dog is RabBambiPoppy

GranatGlenis can be seen inside Taillteann

In Duo Performance, when the level difference of both players is 350200❌or above, the player at the low level will receive EXP rewards

In Emblem Fortress, you have The former is lower The former is higher❌Same ❌chance to obtain Emblem in Assigned Battle and Stage Battle

Jenna once received the quest of assassinating Leymore Milesian❌Kay❌ when she was a Templar

Karpfen and Andras❌Granat❌are good friends

Leymore’s teacher is Berched❌Kay❌
Mushroom Can only grow at night any timein Erinn

NuahdaGoddess Morrighan Leydaiohas lost the arm in the War of Mag Tuired

Stewart likes Bread Magic Herb❌ much

Taillteann’s Andras is Female Male❌
Tailteann’s Dorren and Collen are Brother & Sister❌Husband & Wife❌Teacher & Student❌

Tarlach will turned into a Bear at night

The “Nightmare Inducing” is acquired by Acquired from summoning Nightmare with WhistleFailed to cast magic consecutively for 5 timesConsectuviely failed to enhance for 5 times❌

The capital of Elec Kingdom is TaraDunbarton❌Tailteann❌
The person who ran away from “Tragedy of Emainmacha” is LeydaioRian❌Esras❌

The person who unfortunately died in “Tragedy of Emainmacha” is RianEsrasLeydaio❌

The The distance between Trade Center purchase and sold Qty of this merchandise Trade skill level Credit level of Trade Center in Private Trade will affect the selling price of the merchandise

The Credit level of Trade CenterTrade skill level Types of employed vehicle in Private Trade will affect the buying price of the merchandise

The true identity of Priest James is Investigator from the Court  Nele’s master The rich merchant from Iria❌
The writer of “Master of Drak Armor, Dark Knight” is TarlachYork❌

There are 2 1❌3❌NPC in Emainmacha church.

There are 6 4❌8❌alchemy combinations

Title “Escaped from hell” is acquired by Survive with 10 pts of HPBe revived by someone else for 20 times❌Challenge a Boss 200 levels higher than you and survive❌

Title “Given up on doctor” is acquired by Solo challenges the Dungeon for 30 times❌

Title “Monster Hunter” is acquired by “Kill 100“000 monsters❌”Use archer to kill 10❌
Title “Perverted” is acquired by Dye for 50 times Getting married for 3 timesPerforms Duo with 20 people of the opposite sex❌ in total

Wedding cars of the parade are Romantic CartSweet TulipRomantic Steed

When holding the wedding ceremony, both sides Must own wedding ringown wedding dress wearing wedding dress❌

When the monster grows larger and when its body turns red, then it will become harder to defeatAll of its attribute will increase

You can set Skill Casting during idling✔  The sequence to drink potionsWill the ally perform the final blow✔ in Mabinogi

guide by moshimushi.wordpress.com


A Full Marathon has the length of around 40 km20km

A round in Professional Boxing is 1❌6❌ minute(s)

A standard football, its perimeter is around 50-60cm60-70cm❌
Graf was the only tennis player who won 42❌3❌championships of Grand Slam.

Gymnastics Rings❌ Horizontal Bar❌ is not included in the Men’s Gymnastics Project

In walking races beyond 20km, there will be a food supply station every 5km3km❌

nba now has 29 teams 29 in total❌

On the centennial birthday of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1984, LausanneAthens❌ Geneva❌ was nominated as the capital of IOC

The country that held the most Summer Olympic Games is UK❌

The level of weight-lifting match is based on Based on the weightage❌ of the athletes weight of the barbells❌

The number of “World Player of Soccer” Pelé’s shirt is ‘No. 1012❌23❌

The Olympic Games held in Beijing in 2008 was the 29th25th❌ 30th❌Olympic
The size of the regular go chessboard used in competitions is 19 x 19 15 x 1521 x 21


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