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[red] (web version) Level 1 – 25 Walkthrough

red by Bart Bonte or bontegames is a point-and-click puzzle game. The goal is to fill the screen with red. Web version on Kongregate. Continue reading


[Colorzzle] Level 40 – 50 Solutions

Colorzzle is a pretty, minimalist and rather relaxing color puzzle game. Match colours correctly and watch trees grow and flowers bloom! Shorter version is free to play. Kongregate. Full, paid android version.

Haven’t played the phone version so I’m not sure if there’s any discrepancies but the solutions below are based on the web version.
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[In Search of Haru] Choice Breakdown Guide

Another game by SEEC! In In Search of Haru: Sweet Story of Youth, you play as Shinosaka Konatsu, a girl searching for the boy who was her oasis when she was bullied as a child. Follow her as she meets Haruka Fujisaki (popular, friendly), Takaharu Kiryu (bad boy with a soft heart) and Haruto Yanagi (quiet, library). Could one of them be her ‘Haru’?

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