[Medieval Angel 4 -My Uprising- (Part 1)] Walkthrough

Medieval Angel 4 -My Uprising- (Part 1) is a side story of Medieval Cop, a point-and-click series by GeminiGamer (VasantJ). The game features Amber Heart as she battles her insanity and… chickens? Kongregate.

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[In Search of Haru] Choice Breakdown Guide

Another game by SEEC! In In Search of Haru: Sweet Story of Youth, you play as Shinosaka Konatsu, a girl searching for the boy who was her oasis when she was bullied as a child. Follow her as she meets Haruka Fujisaki (popular, friendly), Takaharu Kiryu (bad boy with a soft heart) and Haruto Yanagi (quiet, library). Could one of them be her ‘Haru’?

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