[ZS Dead Detective] A Curse in Disguise – Other Ending

Note: A sort of easter egg—if you haven’t opened Sewers Awk’s door yet, it can also be opened with the dynamite/powder keg from the room with firearms. Continue reading


[Romantic Diary] Zodiac Sets

Zodiac sets are sold in Timed Event > 12 Zodiac Signs > Redeem. Currency used for redemption is Star Shards. They’re 15% off in their respective months. All items in Zodiac sets are 5*.

This guide is to aid those who wish to aim for certain sets because each set has different costs and attributes/types. Included images of sets I’ve gotten so you can see the coloured version instead of the monotone preview in the game.

Will update as I obtain more sets. Will update cost after 15% as the months go by.

My Invitation Code: 141076755 Continue reading