Medieval Cop
I – The Death of a Lawyer
II – The True Monster
III – The Princess and the Grump
IV – The Invidia Game (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
V – The Secrets of Lucifer’s Wings
VI – Dregg Me to Hell
VII – Adam and Eva
VIII – DeathWish (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
IX – Song and Silence


Medieval Shorts Angel
1 – My best first worst day
2 – My New Best Friends
3 – Dr. DontLittle
4 – My Uprising (Part 1) (Part 2)
5 – My Destiny (Part 1) (Part 2)

Medieval Chronicles
1 – Together Forever
2 – Super Unnatural
3 – The Curtain Falls


Other games in the world of Medieval Cop
Wolf’s Bane



Tales of Nebezem
Golden Scepter (Full Walkthrough) (5 Gold Location Guide)
Four Fates (#1: Ambiguous Achievement) (#2: Clan Coalition) (#3: Switching Sides) (#4: Greater Glory)
Droid’s Quest (Walkthrough)

Note: I placed Mind Trial’s walkthrough under the ToC for ‘Other Games’ because it’s more puzzle than detective.


Darkside Detective.JPG

The Darkside Detective (Season 1)
Case 1 – Malice in Wonderland
Case 2 – Tome Alone


The Prison Boys.png

The Prison Boys
Chapter 1 – The Special Political Force -TOKKOH-
Chapter 2 – Suspicion
Chapter 3 – Secret
Chapter 4 – Investigation (Full) (Short)
Chapter 5 – The Truth
Gallery Cards



Zombie Society Dead Detective
Dead Detective (Full Score Ending) (Other Endings)
Walls can Bleed (Full Score Ending) (Other Endings)
Nine Deaths Cat (Full Score Ending) (Other Endings)
Brain Drain (Full Score Ending) (Other Ending)
A cat’s chance in hell (Full Score Ending) (Other Ending)
A Curse in Disguise (Full Score Ending) (Other Ending)
Roving Eyes (Full Score Ending) (Other Endings)
Murder Case (Full Score Ending) (Other Endings)
Graves & Secrets (Full Score Ending) (Other Endings)
Rats in a hole (Walkthrough)


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