[Romantic Diary] Job and Study Events

Trivia and random events stemming from jobs and studies.

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Events w/o Questions

Job: Cafe (Aoi)
“There’s something wrong with Aoi when I met her during my working time.”
Spirit +5

Job: Workout Figure (Merchant)
“What’s up, boss?”
Spirit +5

Job: Kitchen & Hand Cream (Merchant)
“What’s up, boss?”
Orig +5

Study: Design (Aoi)
“Aoi seems to be plotting something.”
Artistic +10

Study: Design (Neil)
“Neil is talking about earth culture in the design lesson”
Charm +10

Study: Design (Reispalt)
“What is Reispalt doing in the design lesson?”
Spirit +10

Study: Design (Kathy)
“What clothes does Kathy like?”
Charm +10

Study: PE – Race (Luca & Reinhard)
“What happened in the P.E. lesson?”
Spirit +10

Study: PE – Cat bar (Kathy)
“What is Kathy talking in the P.E. lesson?”
??? + 10

Study: PE – Horizontal bar (Kathy)
“Run a bit faster and see what happened to Kathy!”
Spirit +10

Study: Dance
“The dancing drama starts!”

Int +10

Study: Design – Fashion Design (Yusetta)
“What is Yusetta talking about in the design lesson?”
Int +10

Study: Art – Leonardo da Vinci (Neil & Aoi)
“The painting lesson has started!”
Int +10

Study: Art – Mural (Reinhard)
“The painting lesson has started!”
Int +10

Study: Classroom – Learning Evaluation (Elvin)
“Something seems to have happened with Elvin”
Spirit +10



Job: Cafe – Latte Art
“Something happened when working in the cafe shop.”
Which type of milk is not suitable for latte art?
A. Semi-skimmed milk
B. Whole milk
C. Low Lactose Milk
D. Skim milk (✓ – Int +5)

Job: Cafe – Boyfriend Type
“Something happened when working in the cafe shop.”
If you want to have a boyfriend, which type would you choose?
A. Mature and steady
B. Cold outside but passionate inside
C. Quiet and reserved
D. Ebullient

Job: Cafe
“Something happened when working in the cafe shop.”
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Where does this sentence come from?
A. Ramayana
B. Homer’s Epic
C. Bible
D. Tao Te Ching (✓ – Orig +5)

Job: Cafe – Hair Conditioner
“What is up?”
And, what kind of oil is better?
A: Olive oil (✓ – Art +5)
B: Cream
C: Petroleum
D: Animal oil

 Job: Library – Memorial Before a Battle
“Why the flurry?”
Do you know who is the writer of Memorial before a Battle?
A: Liu Bei
B: Guan Yu
C: Zhuge Liang (✓ – Charm +5)
D: Zhou Yu

Job: Restaurant – New Dish (Elvin cameo)
“There are a lot that you need to know about ingredients.”
Do you know who said “Love loves to love love.”?
A. Walt Whitman
B. Oscar Wilde
C. Shakespear
D. James Joyce (✓ – Art +5)

Job: Yusetta Studio
“Why you look me like this?”
So, which one is helpful?
A: Litchi
B: Banana (✓ – Spirit +5)
C: Longan –
D: Watermelon

Study: PE – Kathy’s P.E. quiz
A. Pull-ups
B. Plank
C. Bench Press –
D. Deep Squats –

Study: Design – Fashion Design
“We’re in the design studio again!”
So let me ask you, what are the three elements of color?
A: Chroma, Light and shade, Discoloration
B: Tone, Opacity, and Color Mixture
C: Hue, Value and Chroma
D: Hue, Chroma, and Tone –



Job: Library – Favor to learn from Yusetta
“What is up?”
It it’s you, I’ll be glad to help.
What can I do for you? (Int +5)
I’d love to help. (Int +5)

Job: Library – Library Card
“Why all the hurry? Something urgent?
Friends should help each other. (Art +5)
It’s nothing. (Art +5)
We are friends. (Art +5)

Job: Library – Royal family
“There is also a lot of work in the library.”
So let’s get started! (Int +5)
Alright. Let’s do it.
Sure, you are my friend.

Study: Design – Tiny Tiger (Reispalt)
“My painting is good!”
That’s nonsense.
You think too much! (Charm +10)
You’re imaginative.


3 thoughts on “[Romantic Diary] Job and Study Events

  1. Special Event: The design lesson is to develop your brain
    (scenario regarding MC trying to design school uniform but has no plans and gets chided by Yusetta haha)

    Q: Which is the right fashion design concept?
    A: A comprehensive art without its own characteristics
    B: Belongs to industrial arts (charm +10)
    C: In order to dress comfortably
    D: An art feature

    I only chose it once, so still room to explore other options! Not sure if they meant art industry haha.

    Liked by 1 person

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