[Romantic Diary] Aoi

Note that the amount of affection you get might vary depending on what romantic level you’re reached with each character and so on.

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Kudos to the following for contributing: Indigo, Sushi Roll, tsugumiisms, Ayumi S

Reinhard  |  Table of Contents  |  Yusetta

(purchase with 68 Love Stones or get from Love Wheel)
The only daughter of the rich Suwa family, she is well protected in the mansion and almost has very little contact with the outside world. She envies your freedom and great knowledge(maybe just common sense).

Message Status
Mood 50 – I want to find somewhere to stroll and look around…
Mood 70 – I’m living a full life every day…
Mood 100 – Ah… Is this how falling in love feels like?

Gift Dialogue
I found a good thing when I was shopping. It fits you well! When can we play together again?

Basic Info
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 41701
Height: 160
Race: Human
Personality: Willful
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Compatible: Cancer, Scorpio
Opposing: Gemini, Sagittarius

Pink Girl!
A Novelty
The Feel of Being Needed
The Handsome Man
Pathos of Sakura

The Feel of Departing
Noisy Sound
The Unknown Secret
The Feel of Being Arranged
Mind Reading
Other Religions


Gifts (+affection)
Cosmetic Box: 1
Jazzy Tie: 1
Black Tie: 2
Food Reception Ticket: 2
Vintage Teaware: 2
Crystal Statue: 4
Elven Tree Seed: 4
Fashionable Skateboard: 4
Maiden Pendant: 4
Redwood Bracelet: 4
Souffle: 5
Fuzzy Painting: 6
Violin: 9
Almond Cookie: 15
Caramel Custard: 17
French Toast: 17
Matcha Muffin: 17
Yogurt Pudding: 29
Coconut Custard: 38
Strawberry Pudding: 55


Date sequence
Cafe -> Beach -> Amusement Park — 41 affection at mood 100


Events w/o Questions


One-Question Events
Online Shopping
“Something happened when you are on a date with Aoi! Tackle it now.”
I cast it away. (mood +0, affection +30)
I called the store owner! (mood +0, affection +0)
I refused to accept the package! (mood +0, affection +12)

Cafe: Couple outfit
“Something happened when you are on a date with Aoi! Tackle it now.”
Do you know where does the Tango originate from?
A: North America (mood +0, affection +24)
B: Asia (mood +0, affection +24)
C: Africa (mood +0, affection +24)
D: Europe (mood +0, affection +24)

“Something happened when you are on a date with Aoi! Tackle it now.”
It is meaningful that I do it for you. (mood +0, affection +25)
I have been accustomed to it! (mood +0, affection +0)
We can enhance our mutual feelings in this way. (mood +0, affection +12)

“Something happened when you are on a date with Aoi! Tackle it now.”
A lovely cat~ (mood +0, affection +25)
Aoi is still childish. (mood +0, affection +0)
This little cat is really interesting (mood +0, affection +14)

We cannot get off if you hold me like this.
You seems to have another purpose!
You can hold me after we get off! (*)

“Something happened when you are on a date with Aoi! Tackle it now.”
Yeah, this is the only way. (mood +0, affection +0)
I feel comfortable when you stay with me. (mood +0, affection +30)
Thank you for taking care of me. (mood +0, affection +14)

Appointment with Kathy
“Something happened when you are on a date with Aoi! Tackle it now.”
You’re cute!
You’re beautiful when you smile. (mood +0, affection +30)
You’re satisfied.

Job: Cafe
“Aoi, I’m not playing.”
Lacking knowledge is really terrible. (mood +5, affection +2, spirit +5)
Who is Amen Man…
You’d better some more books…

“Aoi, I’m not playing.”
小Aoi, you are so considerate. (mood +10, affection +4, charm +5)
Haha, thank you for understanding.
Aoi, you are so kind. (mood +10, affection +6, charm +5)

“Something happened when you are on a date with Aoi! Tackle it now.”
A small fat cat from the future!
It is a cat that has a lot of treasures!
A lovely friend just like you.! (mood +0, affection +25)

Beach – Washing Hair with Vinegar
“Something happened when you are on a date with Aoi! Tackle it now.”
Do you know what you cannot eat with vinegar at the same time?
A: Preserved eggs
B: Ginger
C: Beans (mood +0, affection +24)
D: Pumpkins (mood +0, affection +24)


Multiple-Question Events

*I’ll just put the mood counts for these.
+5 -> +5 mood, +24 or so affection
+0 -> +0 mood, +12 or so affection
-3 -> -3 mood, +0 affection.

Picnic (Comfort/Casual)
“I want to go out with you today”
Everything correct: Int +8, Orig +8
You have me! (+0)
Don’t worry, I’ll help you! (-3)
Leave it to me! (+5)

Aoi looks very happy! (+5)
You’ll have more friends in the future. (-3)
We can often hang out together. (+0)

You are too positive. (+0)
Aoi you cannot wait. (+5)
Is it too fast? (-3)

Thank you for your kindness. (+5)
I can understand. (+0)
It is unhealthy. (-3)


Game (Fresh)
“Let’s hang out!”
Everything correct: Art +16
Bumper Car (+0)
Roller Coaster (-3)
Carousel (+5)

Well, ok. (-3)
Ok (+0)
I’ll listen to you. (+5)

It sounds like a good way! (-3)
You are so kind. (+0)
Thank you for your comfort! (+5)

You’re worth being loved! (+0)
This is what a friend should do. (-3)
I’ll take good care of you in the further. (+5)

Reinhard  |  Table of Contents  |  Yusetta


15 thoughts on “[Romantic Diary] Aoi

  1. Soul Mate – Hot Spring (30 clues required to unlock)

    How does it cure me? (Mood-3 Affection+1)
    I like shopping. (Mood+5 Affection+22)
    The shopping mall is a good place. (Mood+0 Affection+11)

    You shouldn’t do that for me. (Mood+5 Affection+22)
    This must be ‘prescribe the right remedy for an illness’! (Mood+0 Affection+11)
    I’m cured! (Mood-3 Affection+1)

    Aoi, you are thoughtful. (Mood+5 Affection+22)
    Aoi, are you too good to him. (Mood+0 Affection+11)
    I want to be rich! (Mood-3 Affection+1)

    I don’t want to recall it. (Mood-3 Affection+1)
    That’s just my illusion. (Mood+0 Affection+11)
    How about we get changed? (Mood+5 Affection+22)

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    • I tried steamed bread and got +0 mood and +18 affection. So I think rice is the “correct” answer, even if it is nutritionally incorrect. Rice has more nutrients than steamed bread but also more calories, which is why whole grain brown rice should be eaten in small quantities with meals paired with vegetables instead of bread overall.


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