[Romantic Diary] Chapter 8 Solutions

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Chapter 7 (Land of Glory)  |  5* Mission Solutions TOC  |  Chapter 9 (Pareci Academy)

Chapter 8 (Nepherast) – Stage 10. Saint Bridge
An Accident
Simple and Neutral Clothes: Simple
Score: 69350^ –  Simple 5+*
Hair: Devil Lady Sin
Dress: –
Top: Luca Bear T-Shirt (✪)
Bottom: Pitch Gale
Coat: –
Socks: Pitch Ramos (Alt: Bunny Knee Socks)
Shoes: Devil Lady Walk (Alt: Purple Aroma)
Bag: –
Headwear: Flower & Butterfly
Earring: –
Necklace: –
Face: –
Ring: –
Waist: –
Effects: –
Others: –


Chapter 8 (Nepherast) – Stage 16. Darkstone Position
Witch Dress: Dream, Vintage
Score: 67310^ – Dream 5+*, Vintage 5+*
Hair: Lunar Month Cold
Dress: Lunar Month Fine
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: Night Grace (✪ – Witch — Tailor)
Socks: Aries Dream
Shoes: Lunar Month Sink
Bag: Lily Light (✪ – Witch — Tailor)
Headwear: Night Walk Tree (Note: Doesn’t have to be Witch Hat)
Earring: –
Necklace: Night Walk Taiko
Face: Night Walk One Eye
Bracelet: Freya’s Armlet
Ring: Sunset Flower
Waist: Tassel Jade
Effects: Lunar Month Moon
Others: Fox Singer Jade Tail


Chapter 8 (Nepherast) – Stage 21. Jungle Post
Deep Sleep for Meeting
Gardener’s Clothes: Mature, Simple (Note: Avoid Pure. Garden Floristry is not a must.)
Score: 76448  – Mature 5+*, Simple 5+*
Hair: Major General Splendor
Dress: –
Top: Major General Feat (Alt: Summer Notebook)
Bottom: Major General Command
Coat: Major General Power
Socks: Pitch Ramos (Alt: Bunny Knee Socks)
Shoes: Major General Justice
Bag: Garden Floristry Rain
Headwear: Major General Glory
Earring: Hibiscus Aroma
Necklace: Hibiscus Sakura
Face: –
Bracelet: –
Ring: –
Waist: Major General Discipline
Effects: –
Others: Hera Love Light


Chapter 7 (Land of Glory)  |  5* Mission Solutions TOC  |  Chapter 9 (Pareci Academy)


9 thoughts on “[Romantic Diary] Chapter 8 Solutions

  1. I have a problem with Lily Light, the witch staff, in chapter eight. The game won’t let me make it! I have all the required materials and the game still says that I don’t have all the materials that I need. I play the game on my iPhone. Has anyone else have similar problem? Is there a solution? If not, I’m just going to stop playing. What’s the point of continuing if I can’t even progress in the story?


    • Splitting 5-Star clothes or buying them from Mystic Shop.

      In the future, you can find out how to get materials by opening the prayer gate window and pressing the material you want to know more about. A window should pop up telling you where to get it.


      • I’m not quite sure, apparently it’s one of the jacket but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Anyway, how do I pass 8-16? I’m unable to unlock the Lily Grace & Lily Light under the Tailor section. Said available in stage 8 stage reward. I can’t proceed further without these two..


        • Dynamic Luster Clothes (coat) should be found in the Fashion Shop. If it’s not there, it probably hasn’t been unlocked yet.

          Sorry, I’ve already cleared this part so I can’t double check this but you should be able to obtain the ‘blueprints’ (which will unlock it in Tailor) for Lily Grace and Lily Light by having the required number of stars in chapter 8.


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