[Antiquia Lost] Locations

Locations of illusion sheeps (quest) and other areas of interest.

Onykiss City
Illusion sheep (between lake at top northwest corner of the map and a treasure chest)
Storehouse (Onykiss castle)
Gap (small, Onykiss castle)
Gap (medium, Onykiss castle)
Locked Door (medium, Onykiss castle)
Collector (Maid beside west pond) 5 Gold Necklaces for Gamble Gem

Adamass Town
Illusion Sheep (north of Heliotrope portal)

Forgotten Port

Amethyst Port
Illusion sheep (in front of Weapon shop)

Spinell Port
Illusion sheep (beyond sealed door of the maid building, 2nd quay from the left)
Collector (Sheep in Arena building, right of 3 counters) 5 Obon Necklaces for Skill Free Gem
Sealed Door

Coral City
Illusion sheep (in Ruta Tribe woman’s house)
Collector (maid at northwest, between two buildings) 5 Silver Necklaces for Re-raise Gem
Storehouse (near the sheep)
Locked door (Coral Palace)
Storehouse (Coral Palace)

Mount Garnet
Locked door (hard)

The Tower of Rancor
Door that requires Storehouse Key (map 1)

Streen Village
Illusion sheep (at the mud bath, which is in the inn)

Forest Cave
Illusion sheep (map 2, in front of sink)

Crysta Village
Illusion sheep (in Bine’s house)

Sardonix City
Illusion sheep (next to a normal sheep in the hidden passage at top northwest corner of the map)
Collector (maid near top northwest corner) 5 Weed Necklaces for Magnificent Gem
Storehouse (Sardonix Castle)
Gap (medium, Sardonix Castle)

Amber Fortress
Gap (hard, map 3)

Topaz Village
Illusion sheep (in the inn)

Meno Village
Illusion sheep (in the library)

Peridot Town
Illusion sheep (near the entrance)

The Watch Tower
Gap (medium, boss room)

World Map
(Jewel Flower subquest, drops)
– Mountain range near Mount Garnet
– Lone island at top northwest corner of map
– Near Topaz Village
– Near Carnelia Forest
– Near Onykiss City
– On the other side of the same continent as Onykiss City
– Between Coral City & The Tower of Rancor

– Near Spinell Port


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