[Inotia 4] Mist Village

Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel
Answers for “puzzles” in Mist Village, on the way to Elven Sanctuary. More for remembrance sake than as a walkthrough since the thunder penalty isn’t that harsh.


Mayor’s House Basement 2 (Ivan)
Red Bear Statue – Dark Blue Button
Black Bear Statue – White Button
Brown Bear Statue – Purple Button
Polar Bear Statue – Black Button

Mist Village Deserted House 2 (Dominique)
Sealed Altar (bottom right)
What do you call an orange parrot?
1. A sick bird.
2. A tropical endangered species.
3. A carrot. (✓)

Sealed Altar (bottom left)
What does one plus one equal?
1. Two
2. Window (✓)
3. Addition

Sealed Altar (top right)
What happened to the Blue rock that fell into the Red River?
1. The fish ate it.
2. It turned purple.
3. It got wet. (✓)

Sealed Altar (top left)
What’s Black, White, and Read all over?
1. The Great Panda.
2. A zebra with a sun burn.
3. Newspaper. (✓)



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