[Romantic Diary] Chapter 11 Answers

Answers for chapter 11.

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11-4 Injection
Luca: … Or, let me do something for you?
Take my hand. (Aoi affection +18)
Give me pocket money.
It’s nothing

11-9 Mansion
Aoi: Of course, I am in the home at an early age and touched all the rooms and corridors clearly!
After that I will depend on you~ (Aoi affection +18)
You are really awful!
Let me try!

11-6 Thoughtful
Sadakuni Peony: I’m sorry, I think you should have a good rest, do you want me to give you some tea?
Aoi’s ancestor is also considerate~ (Aoi affection +18)
OK, thanks~
No, I’m fine!

11-21 Time Guide
Sadakuni Peony: Just use our power to lead time to the wonderful future?
Can I do that?
This violates the laws of nature
Go all out! (Aoi affection +18)


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