[Romantic Diary] Chapter 2 Solutions

If you don’t have some of the items below, consider trying out alternatives that you have which fulfils the styles needed (eg. Mature, Simple, Business).

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Chapter 1 (Pareci)  |  5* Mission Solutions TOC  |  Chapter 3 (Grelor)

Chapter 2 (Hazian) – Stage 3. Nao’s Clinic
A Boy as Warm as Sunshine
British School Uniform: Gentle&Quiet, Vintage

Score: 45019 – Gentle&Quiet 5+*, Vintage 4*
Hair: Magpie Fairy Clouds
Dress: –
Top: White Memory
Bottom: Long Plaid Skirt
Socks: Pink Fleece Socks
Shoes: London Encounter
Bag: MUJI Attitude
Headwear: Magpie Fairy Craftiness
Necklace: Ruby Necklace
Face: –
Bracelet: –
Ring: –
Waist: –
Effects: –
Others: –


Chapter 2 (Hazian) – Stage 6. Offshore Island
A Sudden Invitation
Casual and Warm: Casual

Score: 69975^ – Casual 5+* (Note: Avoid Dress)
Hair: Curly Hair
Dress: –
Top: Camisole/Green Apple Vest
Bottom: Dynamic Luster Trousers
Coat: Silk Garment/Dynamic Luster Clothes
Socks: Meow
Shoes: White Sneakers
Bag: –
Headwear: Pink Sports Headband
Earring: –
Necklace: –
Face: –
Bracelet: –
Ring: –
Waist: –
Effects: –
Others: –


Chapter 2 (Hazian) – Stage 9. Aquarium
Romantic Therapy
Bohemia: Vintage, Sexy, Gorgeous 

Score: 93830^* – Vintage 5+*, Sexy 5+*, Gorgeous 5+* (Note: No coat and socks)
Hair: Fire Flower (Alt: Ethnic Look)
Dress: Ode Dress (Alt: Magpie Fairy Fairy, Tropical Garden)
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: –
Socks: –
Shoes: Persephone Kiss (Alt: Diamond Slippers)
Bag: Royal Guard Protector (Alt: Sunflower Bag)
Headwear: Laurel Crown
Earring: Crystal Clothes
Necklace: Chord (Alt: Ruby Necklace)
Face: Purple Sheer
Bracelet: Freya’s Armlet (Alt: Gold Bangle)
Ring: Blue Vow (Alt: Sunset Flower)
Waist: Ghost Fire Pure (Alt: Azure Charm Belt)
Effects: –
Others: Charming Stunner


Chapter 2 (Hazian) – Stage 10. Fishing Point
Elementary and Comfortable: Simple

Score: 68760^* – Simple 5+* (Note: No coat)
Hair: Devil Lady Sin (Alt: Snow Sakura)
Dress: –
Top: Summer Notebook
Bottom: Pitch Gale (Alt: Cool Summer)
Coat: –
Socks: Pitch Ramos (Alt: Bunny Knee Socks)
Shoes: Pitch Rush (Alt: Purple Aroma)
Bag: Verdant (Alt: School Bag)
Headwear: Flower & Butterfly
Earring: Green Pearls
Necklace: Pitch UEFA (Alt: Bowknot)
Face: Ignorance Years
Bracelet: Industrial Fantasy (Alt: Knitted Bracelet)
Ring: Black Gentleman
Waist: Strawberry Ormosia
Effects: Pitch Star
Others: Summer Dream


Chapter 1 (Pareci)  |  5* Mission Solutions TOC  |  Chapter 3 (Grelor)


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