[Dust: An Elysian Tail] Hidden Cove Walkthrough

Dust: An Elysian Tail is an action-packed platformer of which graphics are hand-painted (!!!). Explore the colourful world as Dust, an “amnesiac” warrior, and uncover secrets of the plot and his past. Steam.

Walkthrough for the sequence of tunnel mouths to enter in Hidden Cove. My first pictorial walkthrough here, hehe.


Quest: Reunion
Quest giver: Moska (Aurora Village)

Abilities required: The Underling (crouch dash), Iron Grip (climbing plants)


1. This will be the first tunnel mouth you find after crouch dashing. Enter it.



2. Enter the one on the left.2---left


3. Don’t worry, this is a different area from the previous one. Enter the one on the right.



4. Climb up to the top tunnel mouth and enter it.



5. Move to the right and you should find a Bomb Fruit. Use Dust Storm to guide it to the left, pass the tunnel mouth you came from. Avoid the spikes.5.1---get-the-bomb-on-right

Use the Bomb Fruit to get rid of the wall and enter the revealed tunnel mouth.



6. Move towards the right of the tunnel mouth you came from and roll to the other ledge. Be sure to avoid the spikes above. Note: Start over from step 2 if you fall down.


Enter the tunnel mouth on the right ledge.



7. Climb up the vines above


Crouch dash towards the right.


Enter the first tunnel mouth you see.



8. Climb up the vines on the right.


Continue climbing up until you reach the next map.



9. Climb up more vines again.


Enter the tunnel mouth at the top.



10. You’ve reached your destination. Find Sarahi on the right to trigger a cut scene and complete Moska’s quest.



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