[The Prison Boys] Chapter 3 Walkthrough

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(Stages 4 and 5) Search – The Room 330, Mr. Ohkawa and the incident 2 years ago (1)
~The 3rd basement – Room 330~

Nagi Saeki
– The situation of the incident
– 2 years ago
– A gag law

Meiichiro Okawa (Go to Records > Characters, tap this guy and then tap Nagi)

The letter I found in Ohkawa’s house was about…

The implementation of socialism.
The rebellion against the Emperor.
The rebellion against the present government. (✓)



(Stage 7) Search – Street investigation with Nagi (1)
~Sensou-ji temple~

Nagi Saeki
– Militarism
– Sensou-ji temple



(Stages 12, 13) Search – Street investigation with Nagi (6), (7)
~Hyoutan pond~

A flower girl
– About mother
– The wonderful drug

– A street vendor
– Woman



(Stages 18 to 27) Investigation – Chiyo Mochizuki’s lie (1) to (7), Chiyo Mochizuki’s truth
~Café ‘LAPIN’~

Ms. Mochizuki’s lie is…
The reason for running away. (✓)
The fact that her elder sister has a mental illness.
The fact that she was helped by Naoya and Mitsuru.

The reason for Ms. Mochizuki’s change in attitude…

The person who had the handkerchief was…
Naoya Saeki

The person who Ms. Mochizuki knew for some reason is…
Nagi Saeki

The reason why Ms. Mochizuki came to Hyoutan Pond is…
She was waiting for someone.
She was asked to go on an errand.
She was looking for something. (✓)

The thing Ms. Mochizuki was looking for at Hyoutan Pond was…

The thing that indicates this hand mirror is special is…

Ms. Mochizuki…
She stole it.
She didn’t steal it.

The reason why Ms. Mochizuki had the mirror is…
She found it on the street.
She bought it from the street vendor.
Naoya gave it to her. (✓)
*Note: Choose the wrong choices until the red bar empties to get (Ending 5 — Crimson)

Select a place you are going to point out!
Flip to the reverse side with the Saeki family emblem. Near the top of the mirror, the name CHIYO is written, upside down. Tap it.

Chapter 2  |  Detective Games ToC  |  Chapter 4



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