[Medieval Cop VIII – DeathWish (Part 3)] Walkthrough

DeathWish (Part 3) is part of the Medieval Cop series, point-and-click games by GeminiGamer (VasantJ). Kongregate.

Table of Contents

– Map 1 –
1. Collect the ☆ soul part.
2. Go to next map.

– Map 2 –
Head straight north all the way then go east. Collect the ☆. Walk around to find and collect the 3 other ☆. There’s one at each of the Northeast, Southeast and Southwest corners.

– Map 3 –
Go north through the door.



– Dregg’s Conscience –
– Map 1 –
1. Interact with the orbs

Red Orb
You are feeling troubled… What will you do?
Do Something…
False Hope… (✓)

Blue Orb
You are feeling angry. A guy accidently bumps into you. What will you do?
Lash Out… (✓)
Forgive him

Yellow Orb
You see a new opportunity in front of you. Will you take it?
No (✓)

2. Go through the door.


– Map 2 –
1. Interact with the orbs while avoiding the moving fire.

Red Orb
Your problems are piling up. What will you do?
Ignore them… (✓)
Face them…

Blue Orb
Someone is trying to get close to you.
Open your Heart…
Push them away… (✓)

Yellow Orb
You have some work to do right now. Will you do it?
Hell No (✓)

2. Go through the door.


– Map 3 –
1. Interact with the orbs while avoiding the moving fire.

Red Orb
You see a beggar on the street. What will you do?
Walk Away…
Give him Something… (✓)

Blue Orb
You are feeling heartbroken. What will you do?
Hold it in (✓)

Yellow Orb
You see someone who is being wronged. What will you do?
Help them
Not my problem (✓)

2. Go through the door.


– Map 4 –
1. Pick whichever path you wish to take.

Are you sure you want to take this road?
Yes (✓)

You know, no one will call you a coward if you take the other road.
Go Forward (✓)
Turn Back

Who knows? Maybe the grass is greener on the other side.
Still go forward (✓)
Maybe turn back

2. Enter the ‘black hole’.



– Mansion –
– Investigative Portion –

+ Missing Jewellery Clue

A. Interact and obtain clues

1. Go to south of the dining table, there’s a short flight of stairs by the water. Interact with the glass on the stairs.
There is some red marks on the mouth of this glass. Its probably—
Lipstick (✓) + Glass of Wine Clue

2. Interact with the large cake on the dining table.
Judging by how small the teeth are, I say these probably belong to—
Dr. Claus
Lady Tania
Sir Norwood
The Orphan (✓) + Half Eaten Cake Clue
The Butler
Matron Johanna


B. Talk to these people about the clues in the following order

Captain (the orphan south of Johanna)
1. Missing Jewellery
By the way, you described the Lady’s jewellery as—-
Toys (✓) + The Orphan Clue

2. Half Eaten Cake
About the Cake, did you—-
Threw it
Swallowed it
Made it
Hid The Jewellery Inside
Spoiled it
Took a Direct Bite (✓) + Half Eaten Cake additional info

Tania (up the flight of stairs, on the second level) 
3. Missing Jewellery
Considering the fact that an orphanage Matron and an orphan were invited, I think this was an…
A Circus
A Charity Event (✓) + Missing Jewellery additional info
A Birthday Party
A Simple Gathering
A School
A Play

4. Wine Glass
Also, there’s something on this glass that hints towards you.
Lipstick marks (✓) + Wine Glass additional info

5. The Orphan
He doesn’t seem the type to steal from someone because—
He is Innocent
He was too busy eating food
He doesn’t understand Jewellery (✓) + The Orphan additional info
He has good manners
He doesn’t have the strength
He loves people

Dr. Claus (white-haired guy east of Johanna)
6. Wine Glass
The sooner we get this case solved, the sooner we can—
Start the Party
Get Out (✓) + Wine Glass additional info
Start Eating

Sir Norwood (southeast of the dining table)
7. Missing Jewellery
You know, for a party thrown by you, there are way too few—
Guests (✓) + The Party Clue

8. Missing Jewellery
What can you tell me about Lady Tania’s—
Jewellery (✓) + Missing Jewellery additional info
Eating Habits

Johanna (blonde lady)
9. The Party
Any reason he specifically invited —–?
Lady Tania
The Orphan (✓) + The Party additional info
The Doctor

10. The Orphan
But she has ______ marks on her hand.
Teeth (✓) + The Orphan additional info

Butler (bottom of stairs)
11. The Party
What exactly was your ____ in this party?
Job (✓) + The Party additional info

12. Half Eaten Cake
Can you tell me why the cake was kept in front of —-
Sir Norwood
The Orphan (✓) + Half Eaten Cake additional info
Matron Johanna
The Doctor
Lady Tania

13. Talk to Kid Dregg


– Conclusive portion –

The one who searched the boy was—-
Sir Norwood
Lady Tania
Miss Johanna
Butler Wills (✓)
Doctor Claus
Officer Lore

Dr. Claus, your testimony contradicts with this person
Dr. Claus
The Orphan (✓)
Sir Norwood
The Butler Lady
Matron Johanna

If the boy went to the pool after the feast, one more person should have been a witness to the crime.
Dr. Claus
The Orphan
Sir Norwood
The Butler Lady
Lady Tania (✓)
Matron Johanna

When you were at the pool, a certain person heard noises coming from the pool.
Dr. Claus
The Orphan (✓)
Sir Norwood
The Butler
Lady Tania
Matron Johanna

The reason for those noises were—
Empty Stomach
The Food
The Pool
The Jewellery
The Cake
The Wine Glass (✓)

The whistling noises the boy heard were—
Flatulence (✓)
Heavy Breathing

There is a simple way to check if the boy really bit you or not.
The Wine Glass
The Pool
The Party
The Mansion
The Angel Cake (✓)
The Jewellery

Hey boy, do something for me…
Grin (✓)

Their real target was—-
The Butler
Matron Johanna
Sir Norwood (✓)



– Passageway –
Go north

Table of Contents


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