[Tales of Nebezem] Golden Scepter Walkthrough

Part of the Tales of Nebezem Series. In Golden Scepter, help Danu make amends for the misconduct of her newly-adopted puppy. If you’re only interested in where you can find the 5 Golds, go to the 5 Gold Location Guide.


– Selecting items in your inventory gives you hints of their usage.
– You can refer to the journal in your inventory to keep track of your task progress.
– Check gold count, Save, Load, etc. by pressing ‘esc’ on your keyboard.

1. Talk to the craftspeople to learn how you can make amends.
      ✯ Aonghus (Brewer): 100 Gold
      ✯ Máire (Crystalier): Topaz Orb
      ✯ Brighid (Cakemaker): Arrange a date with Teyrnon
      ✯ Fearghas (Tailor): Wartleaf Soap
2. Go to the Tailor’s area, above the table with hats and collect the rope-like object (+Cord)
3. Head through the door at the top left of the map to go to the Bookmaker’s.

Crafts, Bookmaker’s
1. Talk to the bookmaker.
      ✯ Meallán (Bookmaker): Bring him scrolls from Fionnagán (Alchemist)
2. Go to the top right corner of the map, collect the broom leaning against the bookshelf (+Broom)
3. Leave the Bookmaker’s room and the craftspeople’s area. Head to the Promenade, which is to the east.

1. Talk to Myrddin (sitting on the bench at the bottom left). He’ll give you 5 gold for every Skyground Token you bring him in the future.
2. Talk to Fionnagán, the Alchemist with an eyepatch. (+Scrolls)
3. Interact with the 2 yellow dots in the fountain (+5 Gold)
4. Return to the Bookmaker.

Crafts, Bookmaker’s
1. Give Meallán the Scrolls (+Knife, +15 gold)
2. Go to the Temple.

– Optional: Talk to Gráinne and purchase the charm from her for 10 Gold (+Charm of Purposeful Sight). The charm helps to detect collectables and useful objects. Press ‘C’ in any map excluding the main town map and tile(s) with the aforementioned item(s) will shine for a short while. It’s not necessary but helps to save time and ensures that you don’t miss out anything. Don’t worry about the gold, you’ll earn back more than enough.
1. Parchment on the bench (+Parchment)
2. Skyground Token at the top right corner of the map (+Skyground Token)
3. Interacting with the Topaz Orb to the left of the goddess statue triggers a dialogue whereby Gráinne gives you a hint: “rich people possess them”.
4. Leave for Residential.

1. Go up the ladder of the house at the bottom left (+Wooden Rod)
2. Talk to Ríoghnach, the lady with gray braids.
      ✯ Ríoghnach: Talk to the King and get her daughter, Líobhan, out of the dungeons.
3. Go to the south of the swing, near the lighting crystal (+Skyground Token)
4. Talk to Teyrnon, the dude with red spiky hair. (+Scented Scarf)
      ✯ Teyrnon: Bring his horse, that’s somewhere outside of town, to the town entrance and tie it to a tree.
5. Use Knife on the rope at the upper left corner of the map (+Pry Bar, +Crate)
Note: To use something in your inventory on something in the map, first stand on whatever you want to use an item on or on a tile adjacent to it. Next, open your inventory (press ‘I’ or click the button at the bottom right corner of the screen), select the desired item and double click or press ‘enter’. If you’re using the keyboard, make sure you’re facing the object you want to influence in the map.
6. Leave for the Royal Palace, north of Promenade.

Royal Palace
1. Talk to either of the guards about letting you have an audience with the King.
      ✯ Ailidh and Eoghan: Honey Beers x2
2. Stand on the yellow crystals below the barrel on the left and interact. (+5 Gold)
3. Leave for Crafts.

1. Give Teyrnon’s Scented Scarf to Brighid. (+Pear Pie)
2. Talk to Aonghus (Brewer). He doesn’t have Honey Beer but suggests you can buy Regular Beer and mix it with Mead.
3. Buy 2 Regular Beers from him for 8 Gold. (+Beer x2)
4. Leave for the Promenade.

1. Talk to Myrddin. He likes Brighid but she’s interested in Teyrnon. Danu gives him Brighid’s Pear Pie to cheer him up. (+Magnet)
2. Interact with Magnet in the inventory (+Magnet on a Cord) Note: To combine or mix two objects, interact with either one in the inventory.
3. Go to the drain directly south of the fountain.
4. Interact with Magnet on a Cord in the inventory (+Key)
5. Talk to Fionnagán (Alchemist). To make the Wartleaf Soap, he needs Wartleaf from near the town entrance.
6. Buy Sprouted Barley and Cheese from Eibhlin (Grocer) for 4 and 6 Gold respectively. (+Sprouted Barley, +Cheese)
7. Leave for the Royal Guards.

Royal Guards
1. Use Key on the blue chest at the bottom left corner (+Necklace, +10 Gold)
2. Skyground Token at the top left corner (+Skyground Token)
3. Use Broom to get the gray stalactite-like thing beside the Token (+Flint)
4. Use Wooden Rod on the lever mechanism in the top middle part of the room, above a crate. Push the lever. Danu will be brought to a room upstairs.
5. Talk to Tomaltach.
      ✯ Tomaltach: Cabbage Soup
6. Leave the room and Royal Guards and head to the Farm.

1. Talk to Muirín, the lady with orange hair. Talk to her again to give her the Necklace in exchange for Mead. (+Mead)
2. Mix Mead into Regular Beer (+Honey Beer x2)
3. Skyground Token, in the chicken pen (+Skyground Token)
4. Interact with the Hay at the top right corner of the chicken pen (+Hay)
5. Interact with the tile Danu is standing on in the image below (+5 Gold)
5 gold2.jpg
6. Leave for the Smithy.

1. Skyground Token up the ladder of the building (+Skyground Token)
2. Interact with the circular well-like thing? forge? at the bottom right corner of map (refer to the image below). (+5 Gold)
3. View the Parchment in your inventory. It says “10:30 3:00 7:30”. Turn the hands of the ‘clocks’ at the northern part of the map accordingly Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 10.22.13 PM.png. Interact with the nearby chest when it opens. (+Watering Can)
4. Talk to the Smith. He has Wartleaf.
      ✯ Donnchadh (Smith) – Fried Rat with egg
5. Use Hay on the wood pillar blocking the way at the upper left side of the map, then use Flint on the Hay. The way north is cleared.
6. Head up to the next map.

Rats Area
1. Go to the crack in the wall where occasionally a rat comes out through. Use Crate and Rod to make a trap. Use Cheese as bait. (+Rat)
2. Leave for the Farm.

1. Talk to Cuileann, the Henkeeper. He says he doesn’t have any eggs on hand but the chicken in the fenced area can be persuaded to lay one.
2. Bribe the chicken in the pen with Sprouted Barley (+Egg)
3. Leave for the Promenade.

1. Buy Cabbage Soup from Eibhlin (Grocer) for 8 gold. (+Cabbage Soup)
2. Stand on any tile adjacent to the fountain and fill the Watering Can.
3. Use the stove beside the Alchemist (+Rat’n’egg)
4. Leave for the Smithy.

1. Give Donnchadh (Smith) the Rat’n’egg. (+Wartleaf)
2. Leave for the Promenade.

1. Give Fionnagán (Alchemist) the Wartleaf and 8 Gold. (+Wartleaf Soap)
2. Leave for Crafts.

1. Give Fearghas (Tailor) the Wartleaf Soap (+Hat) -TASK COMPLETED-
2. Leave for Outside (all the way east).

1. Use Pry Bar to remove the nails on the green, illegible signboard (+Wooden Board)
2. Skyground Token, beside the purple crystals (+Skyground Token)
3. Talk to Marklar, the green gnome. (+Napthorn Seed)
4. Plant the Napthorn Seed in the nearby heap of soil.
5. Interacting with the pillar-like structure beside the purple crystal gives you a short monologue.
6. Interact with the area Danu is standing in the image below. (+Green Apple) This saves you 2 Gold, the amount the Grocer charges for Green Apple.
Green Apple.jpg
7. Use Green Apple on the horse (under the orange tree at the bottom right corner of the map). It will follow you. Walk to the town entrance. Danu will tie the horse.
8. Leave for the area with rats, north of Smithy.

Rat Area
1. Use Wooden Board to cross the chasm. Open the red chest. (+Golden Egg, +Ratbane)
2. Leave for Farm.

1. Talk to Cuileann, the Henkeeper. Talk to him again to exchange the Golden Egg for Fertilizer.
2. Leave for the Outside.

1. Use Fertilizer on the plant.
2. Use Watering Can on it.
3. Harvest (+Napthorn)
4. Put Napthorn in the Cabbage Soup (+Spiked Soup).
5. Leave for the Royal Guards.

Royal Guards
1. Head upstairs using the Wooden Rod again.
2. Talk to Tomaltach to give him the Spiked Soup.
3. Move him out of the way and head north to the adjoining room. (+Armor)
4. Interact with the area Danu is standing in the image below (+5 Gold)
5. Leave for the Royal Palace, north of Promenade.

Royal Palace
1. Give the guards the Honey Beers and gain access to the palace. Go north.
2. Open the middle door on the left side. Take note of the colours/pattern of the 9 circles.
3. Go further north to the next map and talk to King Brógán. He wants the Golden Scepter in exchange for Líobhan’s release.
4. Head 1 map south, back to the room with locked doors. Put on the Armor.
5. Talk to the guard on duty, Niall, and replace him.
6. Go through the corridor on the right to the next map. Collect the stuff to the right of the goddess statue. (+50 gold, +Emerald Crystal)
7. Leave for Royal Guards.

Royal Guardsmoshimushi.wordpress.com
1. Stand some tiles away from Caoilfhionn, the standing guard. Wait for her to go in the building before hurrying pass her to the area with 9 circles. The circles will change colours as you step on them. The goal is to replicate the colours/pattern you saw in the Palace (refer to image below).
royal palace
2. Follow the steps in the image below in order. (ie. Step on the oval marked with 1, then the oval with 2, followed by the oval with 3, etc.). There may be shorter and better methods but this is how I cleared it. Feel free to share your solutions! 
3. The chest to the north will open once you’ve replicated the pattern correctly. Collect the item within it. (+Magic Crystal)
4. Leave for Residential.

1. Talk to Teyrnon. He wants a modern shirt from the Tailor before he can go on the date.
2. Leave for Crafts.

1. Buy the fancy silk shirt from Fearghas, the Tailor, for 14 Gold. (+Silk Shirt)
2. Give Máire (Crystalier) the Magic Crystal. (+Emerald Crystal)
3. Return to Residential.

1. Talk to Teyrnon. Now he wants a divination from the priestess…
2. Leave for the Temple.

1. Ask Gráinne, the Priestess, for a divination. She says the answer is unclear and to wait. The matter will resolve itself. (+Emerald Crystal)
2. Leave for the area with rats, north of the Smithy.

Rat Area
1. Insert 3 Emerald Crystals into the door. The path will be clear. Go in.
2. Use Ratbane after Danu’s dialogue.
3. Open the chest (+70 gold) A cutscene appears whereby the puppy drops a Golden Scepter before Danu. Collect it. (+Golden Scepter)
4. Leave for the Royal Palace.

Royal Palace
1. Head north till you reach King Brógán.
2. Give him the Golden Sceptre. Líobhan is released from the dungeons.
3. Leave for Promenade.

Talk to Myrddin. Receive 30 Gold in exchange for 6 Skyground Tokens.

1. Talk to Teyrnon. He doesn’t want to date Brighid because he’s with Líobhan.
Btw if you talk to Líobhan, she thanks you for your help.
2. Talk to Ríoghnach (+Topaz Orb)
Btw if you talk to her again, she says that Teyrnon and Líobhan will be having a wedding and that Danu is invited.

1. Talk to Brighid, the Cakemaker. Danu breaks the news to her and hooks her up with Myrddin. -TASK COMPLETED-
2. Give Máire (Crystalier) the Topaz Orb. -TASK COMPLETED-
3. Give Aonghus 100 Gold. -TASK COMPLETED-


Gold by end game: 50 Gold (60 if you didn’t buy the Charm)
Total Gold Gained: 200


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