[ZS Dead Detective] A Curse in Disguise – Other Ending

Note: A sort of easter egg—if you haven’t opened Sewers Awk’s door yet, it can also be opened with the dynamite/powder keg from the room with firearms. However, this means that Margh wouldn’t have a keg to use at the Abandoned Farm later and wouldn’t be able to conclude that Cough is lying, so don’t do this if you want the full score ending.

Table of Contents  |  Full Score Ending

Margh has been trapped forever. The bad guys won

***If you already got the full score ending and is loading a save file, make sure that Margh has yet to conclude Cough is lying. Otherwise, you probably have to start a new game.

When you’re at the Abandoned Farm, use Margh’s gun on the door first instead of the powder keg. After the cut scene, wait until Margh’s dialogue comes up. By the way if you check Margh’s suitcase while waiting, you’ll see that it’s empty.

Table of Contents  |  Full Score Ending



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