[Shamaniac] Walkthrough

Shamaniac is a beautifully illustrated and atmospheric game with an interesting concept. The goal is to get a revelation from the shaman, but to do that, you need to find his 5 assistants. Kongregate. Armor Games.


Note: You can click the bell hanging off the tree to the right of the shaman for hints.

Turquoise Spirit – Clouds

This was the most stress-free part of the game for me…
Move towards the top right hand corner and you should see this in the sky:


You need to gather 5 specific clouds to form the shape of this creature. (Drag and drop onto the specific location the cloud should be in the silhouette. ie. Head cloud on head portion of the silhouette)

A hint would be their odd shapes. Another would be that the silhouette blinks when you’ve selected a correct cloud (you must still be hold-clicking it). After placing all the correct clouds onto the silhouette, you’ll end up with this:


Click the galloping creature consecutively until it condenses into a ball and you get your first assistant! Drag the spirit into any of the 5 pots in front of the shaman.

Note: Which pot you choose to put each spirit in will affect the revelation you get at the end of the game. You can change their positions any time.

~~walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Red Spirit (Will-o’-the-Wisp) – Fire

There’s a fire in front of the shaman. You need to drag and drop 5 red leaves into it for the spirit to appear. Find them:

1. Flying across the screen.


2. At the very top of the tree.


3. There’s a bunch of yellow leaves on the rightmost branch of the tree. Pluck those off and you’ll find a red leaf behind them.

`walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

4. In the caterpillar’s apple house but you need the caterpillar to get it for you.

At the bottom right corner area, there’s a blue blob (caterpillar) stuck under a flat rock. Lift the rock up (drag it upwards and hold-click) until it completely climbs out from under it. When it’s on top of the slab of rectangular rock, click on the rock and it will bring the caterpillar upwards to the next level.

Note: Clicking on the caterpillar will change the direction it’s crawling in.

Click the obstructive wall until it’s gone. When the caterpillar nears the right edge of the tunnel, a creature will appear. Hold click on its beak to allow the caterpillar to climb onto it. Once the entire caterpillar is on the beak, release your hold and it will vault up to the next level.

Wait till it crawls onto the rope lift. However, the lift doesn’t work because the pulley is missing a part.

See that bird fishing nearby? When it’s asleep, click consecutively on the bobber until it pulls on the rod so hard that its line gets stuck on the leafless tree behind it. Observe the entangled line. There’s a circle part with a hook that’s dangling from a part of the line. Click to detach it from the line and drag it onto the empty circle part of the pulley.

Shamaniac - Will-o'-the-Wisp.jpg

Next, click on the part that you just added in until the caterpillar reaches the top. It will enter its apple house and offer you the red leaf.

`walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

5. There’s a glutton in the burrow of the tree (the circular hole near the tree top). Feed it five blue berries and it will give you a red leaf (there are 3 berries on the tree and 2 are to the left of the shaman. The berries look like this:
Shamaniac - Will-o'-the-Wisp2.png


Green Spirit – Hide-and-seek

Zoom out a bit if you’re too zoomed in. Start the hide-and-seek by opening the door near the top of the tree. Click on the green spirit that appears partially.

Shamaniac - Green.png

Once you do, it’ll move away and appear elsewhere. Keep clicking on it once you find it and it will show itself entirely at the end. Here are the locations and order it will appear in:

Shamaniac - Green2.jpg

~~walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Yellow Spirit (Lil’ Sun) – Tree

There’s a spirit in the tree and 5 purple bark pieces need to be placed in this section of the tree (see image below) to release it.

Shamaniac - Lil Sun.png

1. There’s a conductor in the burrow of the same island the shaman is on. It’s to the shaman’s left, near the water surface.

Shamaniac - Lil Sun2.png

On your volume. Click on the burrow and it will play a melody. If you’re more of a visual person, pay attention to the size of the circles of each note as the melody plays. Replicate the same melody with the nearby pearls hanging from the tree.

Shamaniac - Lil Sun3.png

The conductor will offer you a piece of bark upon a successful replication.

`walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

2 & 3. Two pieces of bark can be found on the tree itself (see image below).

Shamaniac - Lil Sun5.jpg


4. There are disarticulated branches at the right side of the tree (the ones with clickable joints). Before we get started, there’s a missing cog in the joint connecting the second of third branch. You can find said cog in the tree near the glutton’s burrow:

Shamaniac - Cog.png

Pull it out and put it into the joint where it should be.

Next, click on the joints until you get the following. Basically you need to get the 3 odd-shaped parts at the tips of the branches to join together seamlessly.

Shamaniac - Lil Sun.png

A bark piece will appear nearby.

`walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

5. Locate and place 3 turquoise buttons into the empty notches of the island at the bottom left corner. Place correctly-sized buttons into the right notches.

The buttons can be found at:

Shamaniac - Buttons-01.jpg

There’s a tilted squarish-rectangle near the left of the area you place the bark pieces into. Click the center of the rectangle and it will reveal 3 circles along with some lines. Click the rectangle again until roman numerals show up.

Each circle of a different size corresponds to a button on the island. The roman numerals indicate the order of clicking the buttons. IV is 4 and V is 5. Like the melody puzzle, this puzzle seems to be randomised so the image below is just to show an example. Yours may be different.

Shamanic - Lil Sun6.png

For this particular combination, the clicking order from first button to last is Medium, Large, Large, Medium, Small.

Once you’ve clicked the code correctly in the island on the bottom left corner, it will rise to reveal a lever. Pull it and a memory game will begin. Click whichever lights up in the order it lights up before waiting for the next round to begin. Repeat until the game is completed.

A brown furry ball will appear at the top of this island. Click on it until it breaks and you’ll see the final piece of bark.

~~walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Violet Spirit (Lil’ Swimmer Blob) – Fish

The last spirit was eaten by a fish. Go to the pearls you used during the melody replicating game. See that curly vine/branch to the right of the leftmost pearl? Hang the entangled fishing line onto it.

For bait, pluck the blue circle (at the top of the tree) that looks like a giant version of the blue berry and place it at the end of the line. The swamp fish will come. Click its uvula from its opened mouth until the spirit appears.


Finally, give the shaman his Propheticstick (to the left of the bell) and wait for the shaman to tell you his revelation!


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