[Medieval Chronicles] Together Forever Walkthrough

Clues and answers for Medieval Chronicles 1, an interactive detective fiction set in the same world as Medieval Cop. Solve the case of a spirit summoning gone wrong with Dregg. Kongregate.

Table of Contents  |  M. Chronicles 2

Dregg’s arrival
1. Go south and talk to the soldier blocking Dregg’s way. Select the Badge clue at the upper right corner and talk to the soldier again.
2. Go southeast to the crime scene.
3. Go north and talk to Dr. Sigh, the psychologist.
4. Head southeast and talk to Polly.

~~walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Collect clues
Note: Talk to the characters (with the exception of soldiers, and with your clue deselected) before discussing clues with him/her. This will allow you to collect their profiles as well. 
1. Talk to Dr. Sigh about Incident Report (+Bloody Words)
2. Compare the broken window near Dr. Sigh to the Incident Report (+Broken Window)
3. Interact with the chair near the broken window (+Faulty Chair)
4. Interact with the chair 2nd nearest to the piano. There’s a clue under it. (+Wife’s Diary)
5. Talk to Ms. June about Bloody Words and Wife’s Diary (+Mrs. March, Old Secrets)
6. Talk to Tira at the western part of the house about Bloody Words and Mrs. March (+Red Rags, Vengeful Spirit)
7. Talk to Polly near Dr. Sigh about Mrs. March and Wife’s Diary (+Homicide, Love Letters)
8. Talk to Madam Augustus at the eastern part of the house about Incident Report (+Supernatural)
9. Talk to Ms. April south of Augustus about Supernatural (+Slow Business)
10. Talk to Mr. May west of the crystal ball about Bloody Words and Supernatural (+Red Chemical, A Trap)

Note: If you interact with any of the candles, Dregg will comment about their irregularity. You can review the clues collected using the icon at the top left corner.

Once ready, interact with the crystal ball to move on to the next stage.

~~walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com


Bloody Words:
Nope, It is a—-
Colored Water
Apple Juice
Byproduct (✓)

The chemical reacts with wood and changes the color when it is exposed to—
Strong Winds
Cold and Heat (✓)
Pop Music

Vengeful Spirit
Dark Magic
Moving Chair
Flickering Lights (✓)


Mr. and Mrs. March:
What is the one common point in both Rozanne’s and John’s death?
Their Timing
Way of death
Broken things (✓)
Their Relations

Yes, and two of those three broken things had one thing in common.
Lack of Care
Bed Bugs
Termites (✓)


The true killer:
The one who killed Rozanne and John March and set the whole stage for it is—-
Richard May
Martha June
Fiona April
John March
Madam Augustus
Rozanne March (✓)

Rozanne March, something about this person irked me to no end. And when I kept an open mind, I realized, this person is too—
Nice (✓)

There is one person here who she should have been very angry at.
Martha (✓)

Rozane chose Augustus for one simple reason
Old Lady
Slow Business (✓)
Fiona’s Advice

The Giant words “Together Forever…” originally was said by—
John’s Wife
John’s Father
John’s Mother (✓)

Table of Contents  |  Medieval Chronicles 2


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