[Helix Waltz] Event – Sound of Music

Event quests. Also, some highlights of the optional and failure dialogue. Special thanks to theo and TownsPersonB.

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TheSoundofMusic.jpg[img from HW’s Twitter]

Note: Although the answers are below, listening to the background music may help to get the most feels out of these quests.

Q1 – Musical Exchangemoshimushi.wordpress.com

Rewards: EXP x1000, Willow Favor x50
Task: Talk to Willow about ‘Music Appreciation’ in a specific ball.

Ball: Music Appreciation
Faction: Bavlenka Family
Tag: Goldenmoshimushi.wordpress.com
Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Note: Lynna will challenge Magda to a beauty contest when she’s talking to Willow.

Then, Lady Ellenstein, can you tell me what instrument is being originally used to play this song?
Accordion (✓)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Any wrong answer
W: … I didn’t expect that Lady Ellenstein is no different from those know-it-alls… It’s quite boring. I’m leaving.
M: Ah, no, I… wait!moshimushi.wordpress.com
Lou: …How dare you show off in front of Mr. Willow.moshimushi.wordpress.com
Lynna: Hahahahaha! Look at her! Hahaahaha! Laugh at her!
Lawrence: Ha! Ha! Ha!moshimushi.wordpress.com
Nyx: I thought you knew everything…moshimushi.wordpress.com
M: I just feel so embarrassed… ohhhh I need to get out of here…


Q2 – The Playermoshimushi.wordpress.com

Rewards: EXP x1000, Rincole Favor x50
Task: Talk to Rincole about ‘Olineaux Music Party’ in a specific ball.

Ball: Olineaux Music Party
Faction: Olineaux Family
Tag: Goldenmoshimushi.wordpress.com

What do you feel about this song?
Time flies (✓)

Tell me what you heard in this song…
Chase (✓)moshimushi.wordpress.com

I think… the end of the music is…
No (✓) Rincole: You think so?
Yes (✓) Rincole: That sort of close combat is quite interesting, isn’t it? Little Magda…

Tell me… What do you hear?
Consusion (✓)

Any wrong answer
Rincole: You are a good listener, but I cannot tell you the secrets of a singer. Go home, my sweetheart Magda.moshimushi.wordpress.com


Q3 – Quartet I

Reward: EXP x1000
Task: Beat Nyx in a Beauty Contest at a specific ball.

Ball: Bavlenka Party
Faction: Bavlenka Family
Tag: Blackmoshimushi.wordpress.com
Difficulty: ★★★★☆moshimushi.wordpress.com

Note: Nyx’s strength is Lively and her weaknesses are Mature and Sexy.


Q4 – Quartet II

Reward: EXP x1000moshimushi.wordpress.com
Task: Talk to Asteria about ‘Quartet II’ in any ball.

Note: You may want to talk to the Sakans before finding Asteria ‘cos some of their dialogues are quite interesting.

Highlights of Sakans’ dialogue
Barbara: “Whenever I took a music class, the teacher would lecture me, making me very upset. I hate music!”moshimushi.wordpress.com
Barris: “Who told you that? I’m going to sue him.” “Without my short skirt, I can no longer play bagpipes.”moshimushi.wordpress.com
Juven: “Or if you could help me investigate some intel… I will consider it.” “The Collection of Finsel’s Beauty still needs these people’s measurements.”


Q5 – Quartet III

Reward: EXP x1000
Task: Talk to Tilla about ‘Senate Feast’ in a specific ball.

Ball: Senate Feast
Faction: Senate
Tag: Whitemoshimushi.wordpress.com
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Note: Lynna’s strengths are Sexy and Gorgeous. Her weakness is Delicate.

Young lady, what do you need from me?
About the rep (✓)
About intentionmoshimushi.wordpress.com

(The Duchess doesn’t want Lynna to go… But now, I must protect everyone’s dignity skillfully.)moshimushi.wordpress.com
Compete (✓) (Beauty Contest with Lynna)
Persuade (✓)moshimushi.wordpress.com

Wrong answer for qns 1
T: Little girl, be careful with what you say. Are you implying that when the Sakans and Bavlenkas are both in, people are worried that the Jorcastles might have no (text is cut off)moshimushi.wordpress.com
M: No… I didn’t mean that…moshimushi.wordpress.com
T: Humph! A bunch of fools! We don’t bother to attend such a hypocritical concert!
M: I messed it up… I should be more careful with my choice

If ‘Persuade’ is picked for qns 2
L: I won’t lose to that little Bavlenka girl! She hasn’t physically matured yet!
T: Shut up! Um… It’s too unwise to go against the Bavlenkas for now. Let Gonzalo perform instead of Lynna.moshimushi.wordpress.com
L: But, but…moshimushi.wordpress.com
T: You’re right, little Magda.moshimushi.wordpress.com
M: Lord Duchess, your decision is very brilliant. (Salute)


Q6 – Quartet IV

Rewards: EXP x1000, a Partner of your choice
Task: Go to a specific ball. Talk to Hugh about ‘Olineaux Party’ and Hugh will refuse Magda. Talk to Balfey about ‘Olineaux Party’.

Ball: Olineaux Partymoshimushi.wordpress.com
Faction: Olineaux Family
Tag: Blackmoshimushi.wordpress.com

Note: You can talk to Zoe before completing the objective to read his dialogue.

Highlight of Zoe’s dialogue
Z: Then I will count on you, young lady of the Ellenstein family. Otherwise, I will have to play piano myself.moshimushi.wordpress.com

So, who do you think we play best?
Nyx (PIANO PLAYER – Mature, Pure, Lovely, [Music])moshimushi.wordpress.com
Gonzalo (CELLIST – Delicate, Sexy, Noble, [Music])
Juven (SAXOPHONE PLAYER – Gorgeous, Lively, Sexy, [Music])
Hugh (VIOLINIST – Mature, Gorgeous, Noble, [Music])


‘Cos their usual sprites appeared in the choice screen for me. Not sure how it’s like for other ppl.

[img from HW’s Twitter]

Table of Contents  |  Steam Age


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