[Tales of Nebezem] Elemental Link Part 1, Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Walkthrough for Chapter 1 of Elemental Link Part 1, where you play as Maoti… with some cameo of another character. Kongregate. The full game can be bought from Steam.

Table of Contents  |  Part 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 1: Children’s Home


– Children’s Home #3, Western House –

✯ Tiali (mentor): Find 3 Mizunami herbs to learn herb magic

Note: You can open your inventory at the bottom right corner to keep track of plant counts.

1. The Mizunami herbs have large blue flowers. There’s one across the river, to Maoti’s southwest, or directly south of the red swing hanging off a tree. Cross the bridge and collect it (+Mizunami 1/3)
2. Go southwest and collect the dual-colored, circle in the corner (+Uniduality Token)
3. Cross the bridge. The herb directly north of where the Uniduality Token was, by the fruit trees. (+Mizunami 2/3)
4. Follow the path north and you’ll see a slide. The last herb is to its north. (+Mizunami 3/3). Go back and talk to Tiali [+Wash Away Spell]. Btw, you can talk to the residents to learn more about Maoti and his people’s culture.
5. Interact with the remaining rock pile.
      ✯ Tiali: Cross the river to the south and solve all the puzzles on the way to the statue.
6. Cross the bridge to the south, then go east. Interact with the obstructing rock pile. Once Maoti clears it, continue east till the treeline, then south to the next map.moshimushi.wordpress.com

– Grove of Megami –

The shortest path does not always lead to the goal.

Pillar 1
1. Herb southeast of the lotus pond.
2. Head northwest and step on the tile circled in the image below. The barrier will be dispelled. Head west through where the barrier was.moshimushi.wordpress.com

Sometimes you have to walk through more than one path to get what you want.

Pillar 2
1. Token (+Uniduality Token).
2. Go west and step on the tile circled in the image below. The barrier will be dispelled.
3. Herb to the south of the fountain (+Mizunami)
4. Go back east to the area of the 2nd pillar. Go south and clear the rock pile by the gate.
5. Continue south.moshimushi.wordpress.com

These plants need three different kinds of water.

Pillar 3
1. Go south, 2 tiles directly south of the greenish water in a well is a bucket (+Empty Bucket)
2 Go west. Clear the way to the blue water in a well. Fill your bucket with it. There’s also a herb along the riverbank of this part (+Mizunami)
3. Water the plants next to the 3rd pillar. Similarly, fill the bucket with the purple water and water the plant. Repeat with the green water. The plant grows and the barrier is dispelled.
4. Cross to the east. Pick the path with the signage. Grab the herb to the south (there’s an opening blocked by the tree). (+Mizunami)
5. Go east, then south to the gate. Clear the rock pile and continue south. Collect the token under the tree in the corner (+Uniduality Token)
6. Go west, clear the rock pile.moshimushi.wordpress.com

Running in circles can sometimes help.

Pillar 4
1. Run rounds around the fountain until all 3 barriers are dispelled. Go west.
2. Before crossing the bridge, head north. There’s a herb partially hidden by a tree (+Mizunami)
3. Interact with the Megami statue. Interact again.moshimushi.wordpress.com

Going back
1. After the conversation with Megami, collect the lantern to the west, next to the pot.
2. Fill the lantern with the lightbugs on the mushroom.
3. Go west, a dark shade will appear and Maoti will jump back. Go to the shade again, it will disappear.
4. Continue west, then north through the gate. Lightbugs on the flower.
5. Go west. Don’t cross into the 3rd pillar’s area yet. Pick the path without the signage. Clear the rock pile and follow the path to the treasure box (+Mizunami x2)
6. Attempt to go to the 2nd pillar’s area. A dark shade will appear, use the lit lantern to make it disappear.
7. Nearby lightbugs. Attempt to go to the 1st pillar’s area. After getting rid of the dark shade, go back to the 3rd pillar’s area and talk to the gnome. He will help you make a path of ice.
8. Cross the ice and fill the lantern. Go back to the Children’s Home.moshimushi.wordpress.com

– Children’s Home #3, Western House –

1. Head back up the bridge, Tiali will talk to Maoti. Enter the house.
      ✯ Tiali: Find 3 Nobasubana herbs to learn more magic
      fun fact: Nobasubana would roughly be ‘Grow/Stretch Flower’ in Japanese.moshimushi.wordpress.com
2. Go north and talk to Michiko by the slide. Take the flowers (+Nobasubana x3)
3. There’s a Mizunami to the north, across the river. Cross the bridge to the west and clear the rock pile (+Mizunami)
4. Go back and talk to Tiali [+Grow Vine spell], (+Return Wand).
      ✯ Tiali: Cross the river and go to the eastern region
5. Btw if you talk to him again, he tells you that if you go to the house and sleep, Nobasubana will grow again the next day.
6. Go north to where Cherue is trying to catch Wasaki. There are vines on the cliff, use Grow Vine on them. Climb up the vines (+Nobasubana x3, +Mizunami)
7. Go back to Tiali’s area and cross the bridge to the east. Go north, take the herb (+Mizunami). Continue north.
8. Grow the vines and climb up. Repeat again for the following vines (+Uniduality Token, +Nobasubana)
9. Head east to the next map.moshimushi.wordpress.com

– Children’s Home East –

1. Grow the vines nearest to Maoti and climb up. Go up the nearby stairs and take the token to the west (+Uniduality Token)
2. Go back down the stairs, then go east. Grow the vines that can bring you to 4 flowers. Climb up (+Nobasubana x4)
3. Go a little west and grow the vines circled in the image below.
4. Climb down those and grow the 2nd set of vines circled in the image above. Repeat for the nearby 3rd set of vines.
5. Go west and collect the herb partially hidden by trees (+Mizunami)
6. Return to the east. Grow the 4th set of vines, south of the 3rd set, and climb down.
7. Go west. Collect the token (+Uniduality Token). Continue northwest and grow the vines by the corner. Climb down.moshimushi.wordpress.com

– Children’s Home #3, Eastern House –

1. Go south and talk to the man on the purple bench, Siuki.
2. Go east, pass the house and the tree swing, there’s a token nearby (+Uniduality Token)
3. Walk back towards the house and cross the bridge. Go east and step on the green circle. The gate will open. Enter it and go to the next map, then return to Maoti’s Children’s Home.moshimushi.wordpress.com

– Children’s Home #3, Western House –

1. Talk to Tiali, on the steps of the house.
2. Talk to Tiali, by the table.
3. Go north, pass the slide and up the stairs (+Nobasubana x3).
4. Go south, pass the slide to where the kids were playing catch yesterday. Grow the vines and climb up (+Nobasubana x3, Mizunami)
5. Talk to Yukio.
      ✯ Yukio: Find 3 orbs and absorb their power. Begin with the one in the north.
6. Go back to where the 1st set of 3 Nobasubanas were at. Go east, pass the bridge. Nearby, there’s a cluster of 3 trees. A blue sphere is protruding out from the left side of this cluster. It’s a lever. Flip it.
7. Head northeast through the path that opens.moshimushi.wordpress.com

– Kawayama Mountain –

1. Token to the west (+Uniduality Token)
2. Go west, then north and talk to the gnome, Urgl [+Surface Ice spell]
3. Go north and grab the yellow-magenta pear-looking fruit, that’s partially hidden by the tree (+Mahonashi)
      fun fact: Mahonashi would be ‘Magic Pear’ in Japanese.
4. Return to the entrance of the map and interact with the part of the river where the stone path stops, to cast Surface Ice. Cross the ice, you’ll be between 2 stone pillars.
5. Head northeast, creating ice to cross to the area with a single stone pillar, as shown below. Continue east, creating ice to cross to the area with 2 stone pillars and a broken one (+Uniduality Token, Mahonashi)
      Note: Refill Maoti’s mana when necessary by pressing ‘M’ or clicking the Mahonashi button at the bottom right.moshimushi.wordpress.com
6. Grow the vines on the cliff face and climb up (+3 Nobasubana)
7. Create ice and cross to the east (+7 Nobasubana)
8. Return to the area with 2 stone pillars, near the entrance.
      Note: Save whenever necessary. Inventory and mana count: 5 Mizunami herbs, 12 Nobasubana flowers, 9 Uniduality Tokens and 20/30 mana. You can check your mana count by right-clicking or pressing ‘esc’ to bring up the menu.mosh
9. Head north along the riverbank and grow the vines. Climb up. Repeat for the other set of nearby vines and you’ll reach a snowy area.
10. Go west and cross the river (+Mahonashi)
11. Go east, creating ice across narrow parts of the river when necessary. There’s a token to the south (+Uniduality Token).
12. Grow and climb up the 2 consecutive tiles of vines on the cliff face, circled in red below (+Uniduality Token, Mizunami). If you don’t have at least 4 Mizunami herbs by now, there are 4 across the river to the west.moshimushi.wordpress.com
13. Climb back down and cross the river to the east. There’s a fruit further east. Grow the 3 consecutive tiles of vines on the cliff face and climb up. Clear the 4 rock piles to the east and touch the blue orb [Orb 1/3]
     ✯ Water is Life. Water is the Nature of People. Life is Flow. Love is Flow.
14. Use Return Wand in the inventory.moshimushi.wordpress.com

– Children’s Home #3, Western House –

Cross the bridge to the southwest and go to Grove of Megami.moshimushi.wordpress.com

– Grove of Megami –

1. Go to the gnome, create ice and cross the narrow part of the river and touch the green orb [Orb 2/3]
     ✯ People are Sisters and Brothers to each other. Megami is their Mother.
2. Return to Children’s Home.moshimushi.wordpress.com

– Children’s Home #3, Western House –

1. Go to the red swing on the tree, then head northwest from there and cross to the other side of the river (+Uniduality Token)
2. Continue north and touch the green orb [Orb 3/3]
     ✯ Order is ESSential. Order provides Solace, Safety, Structure, Sanity, and Security.
3. Talk to Yukio.moshimushi.wordpress.com


– Western Kingdom –

1. There are 2 yellow circles adjacent to each of the 3 smaller, immovable crystals. Pull/push the Blue and Green movable crystals to the any of the 2 circles of the Cyan immovable crystal.
2. Do the same for the remaining immovable crystals. It’s okay to shift the movable crystal away once the immovable one lights up. Dark purple: Red, Blue. Yellow: Red, Green. The 2 large crystals to the north will light up.

Table of Contents  |  Part 1 Chapter 2


3 thoughts on “[Tales of Nebezem] Elemental Link Part 1, Chapter 1 Walkthrough

  1. Hey, thanks for writing the walkthrough.
    With Mahonashi, I was going for “Magic pear”, because I found that the Japanese translation of “pear” can be “nashi”, but perhaps I’m wrong, my Japanese is only rudimentary.
    And I named the blue herb Mizunami to mean “Water wave”, although “Suinami” would probably be better, I don’t know 😀
    I was also wondering why, according to your walkthrough, you have to return to Kawayama Mountain for the token. It’s easily collectable the first time you’re in that area.
    Looking forward to reading your walkthrough for the rest of the chapters.

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    • Oof I didn’t think of that ORZ! Yes, nashi can also mean pear, I’ll edit that in. I thought it was the ‘nashi’ for ‘without’. Yes, I guessed ‘mizu’ was water but I didn’t know which ‘nami’ you meant so I left that out, thanks for the clarification! Both mizu and sui works, I guess it boils down to preference? Then again, my Jap ain’t fab so… By the way, I really love how you developed the cultures and religions of the different ethnic groups in the game!!!

      … I feel super touched having the creator read my walkthrough ;-; thank you!! I feel like a small fry who just met her idol *swoons* Thank you so much for this wonderful series (ToN), from each game’s details, length and content, the love put into the game can really be felt.

      Hmm yes, I did think it was odd from a gamemaker’s pov, so I probably missed out something? I didn’t have enough Nobasubana to collect the token in Kawayama Mountain AND get to the orb on the same day, only enough to do one of them. Speaking of which, just out of curiosity, is Kawayama -> river, mountain?


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