[Tales of Nebezem] Elemental Link Part 1, Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Walkthrough of Chapter 3 of Elemental Link Part 1, where you play as Maoti… with some cameo of another character. Kongregate. The full game can be bought from Steam.

Part 1 Chapter 2  |  Table of Contents  |  Part 2 Chapter 1

Chapter 3: The Verax Clan


– Verax Village –

1. Enter the huge building to the north, past the café Fido is at. Talk to Chief Verax.
     ✯ Chief Verax: Get a Gate Crystal.
2. In the bottom left corner (+Uniduality Token)
3. Leave the Chief’s residence and talk to Iosephus, near Fido. Go east to the next map.moshimushi.wordpress.com

– Ore Quarries –

1. Interact with the dead tree to the south [+Burn Wood spell]. Burn it.
2. Continue straight south [+Fire Storm spell]

1. Talk to Fido if you’re having trouble with the enemies.
     ✯ Fido: Enchanted Tobacco for Stealth Ring
2. Enter the building south of the café and interact with the top rightmost shelf.
3. Interact with the top leftmost shelf to distract Basilius.
4. Interact with the top rightmost shelf again (+Enchanted Tobacco)
5. Talk to Fido (+Stealth Ring)

3. Kill the enemy with Fire Storm. Enemies must be hit twice before they die.
4. Go past him to the east and burn the tree. Kill the next enemy and get the red crystal nearby (+Mana Crystal)
5. Go southeast and kill the enemy. Go past where the enemy was (+Uniduality Token) and talk to Veronica.
6. Burn the tree to the north (+Mana Crystal), kill the 2 enemies to the north (+Mana Crystal)
7. Go east, burn the tree, continue east (+Uniduality Token). Talk to Brf, the gnome.
     ✯ Clear the boulders blocking the oasis to the southwest and he will help you get to the gate crystal.
8. Go to east of Veronica. Interact with the boulder [+Empower Self spell].moshimushi.wordpress.com

Empower Self whenever necessary
1st boulder: Push up OR down.
2nd: Pull up.
3rd: Pull left.
4th: Push up OR down.
5th: Pull left.
-burn tree-

6th (see image above): Push left.
7th: Pull down.
8th: Pull right.
9th: Push right.
10th: Push up.
11th: Pull down.

9. Burn the tree, kill the enemy. Token partially covered by the palm tree of the oasis (+Uniduality Token)

12th: Pull left.
13th: Push right 4x.
14th: Pull down.
-take crystal (+Mana Crystal)-
14th: Push down.
15h: Pull down, then push right.moshimushi.wordpress.com

10. Head northeast and talk to Brf again.
11. Push the boulder out of the way (+Gate Crystal). Go back to the vines.moshimushi.wordpress.com

– Verax Village –

1. Talk to Chief Verax.
2. Leave the Chief’s residence and go south towards the café.
3. Next day, go south to the next map.

– Southern Desert –

1. Right corner (+Uniduality Token) and left corner (+Mana Crystal)
2. Push the bridge southeast of where the crystal was.
3. Cross it and burn the tree to the south.

Boulder section
1st: Pull up x2, then push left.
2nd: Pull up x4, then push left.
3rd: Pull up x5
4th (see image below): Pull left, then push up.
5th: Push down 2x.moshimushi.wordpress.com

4. Collect the token (+Uniduality Token). Burn the 2 trees and go to the gate.

Part 1 Chapter 2  |  Table of Contents  |  Part 2 Chapter 1


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