[Demon’s Choice] Chapter 6 Walkthrough

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Chapter 6 Ranks
430+ – Azizella, Crusher of Fools
320+ – Beautiful and Clever Monster
230+ – Crafty Demon
130+ – Survivor of the Abyss
<130 – Sad Little Demon

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Chapter 6: A Terrible Guest

She is having fun, why not you?
My, he is rather handsome (morale +2)
Your wife is classy to entertain the less fortunate

Transform and use your nails (morale +1)
Weaken him with kisses and then transform
Copulate and kill (Fun Choice! Achievement, morale -1 later)

life +4walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com
mana +7 (+8 if transformed, then -1)

Impersonate Ann (mana 3)
Impersonate Lady Wallington (mana 3)
Seduce them
Charm one (mana 3)
Possess one of them (mana 3) (morale +1)

Full possession (mana 3)
A “light ride” (mana 1) (mana -1, morale +1 later)
walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com
I admire generosity above all qualities in a man (morale +1)
I am not a whore, if that’s what you’re insinuating!

I am but a whore…
I am an explorer of dimensions… (Over the top liar! Achievement)
I am cousin to Ann Hallowflame…

The Abyss (morale +1)
The Infinite Stairway

Drink a little (morale +2)
Fake drinking it

mana -1walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Flame fan them (mana 3)
Possess Rikilda (mana 3)
Wait (morale +1)

Attack as a succubus (morale +1)
Attack with flame fan (mana 3)
Possess the bodyguard (mana 4)
Summon Jackal (mana 5)

Press your attack on Rikilda
Fly up toward the ceiling to plan your next move
walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com
Using nails and teeth (morale +1, life -5)
Flame fan (mana 3)

Summon Jackal (mana 5) (mana -5, morale +3, Fine spell caster Achievement)
Use Flame Fan (mana 3)
Swoop down upon her
If found outside of moshimushi.wordpress.com, this has been stolen.

Ends with morale: 15, life: 2, mana: 4
walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com
Score: 540 (+100 if 0 deaths)
Completed Chapter 6 of Demon’s Choice Achievement
Highest rank for Chapter 6 of Demon’s Choice Achievement

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