[Sentence] Walkthrough Part 1

Message murder mystery thriller game by Guts United. You play as Henry, a suspect under house arrest for a murder case. Part 1 – Laboratory, Hospital Personnel Department

Part 5Table of Contents  |  Part 2


  • Thanks, you’re one of the few people I can trust (+)
  • Is there any way I can help?
  • You’ll have to get inside
  • Hope it works (+)moshimushi.wordpress.com


  • I shouldn’t do any time, you know that
  • I’ll be waiting for news


  • I called her a couple weeks ago
  • I’ll talk to her, don’t worry
  • Maybe I went a little overboard
  • OK, I’ll talk to her and try to make her change her mind
  • Everything’s finemoshimushi.wordpress.com


  • Go straight. It’s the second office on the left

Call the given number. Wait for your call to be picked up and the woman to hang up on you


  • Don’t tell anyone pls
  • Thank you (+)
  • I understand. You shouldn’t message me then (+)
  • We’ve been friends for 10 years
  • Did you really find something that important?moshimushi.wordpress.com


  • If you’re serious, that would end this standstill
  • How can I help? (+)

Accept callmoshimushi.wordpress.com


  • I’ll take whatever help I can get right now (+)
  • Where did you get this information?
  • I don’t understand. Who’s that?
  • Is she being held against her will?
  • Of course I do. We knew each other.moshimushi.wordpress.com


  • Do you think your mom and I pushed you too hard?
  • OK, I’ll stop. We’ll figure things out
  • He’s been asking about you too, call him


  • Mike, thanks for arranging this (+ Micheal)
  • Depends on what else you have
  • Do you think she’s been kidnapped?
  • I think we need to figure out how she was kidnapped


  • Are you sure we should put all our cards
  • OK, I like the ideamoshimushi.wordpress.com


  • So what should we do now?
  • Of course
  • He probably would’ve killed her anyway (+)


  • Technically, there’s nothing in the video that constitutes a crime
  • It seems like the kidnapper’s trying to communicate something
  • Is there a “third of all”?
  • I suggest we start by interviewing the neighbors


  • Yes, todaymoshimushi.wordpress.com
  • You haven’t spoken at all since she left?
  • I just did what anyone would’ve done (+)


  • Be careful (+ Helen)
  • This can’t be a coincidence
  • It’s dangerous theremoshimushi.wordpress.com


  • What did you fight about this time?
  • She doesn’t want you to end up like her
  • I’m not pressuring you (+)


  • What happened?
  • I’m sorry
  • OK, I trust your skills (+ Helen)
  • Thanks for making the trip (+ Helen)

Mrs. Novak

  • Yes, who’s this?
  • How did you know?
  • I don’t understand (-)
  • I’ve already been under house arrest
  • Then you might piss off the kidnapper
  • In my 20 years as a policeman
  • Yesmoshimushi.wordpress.com
  • You’ve got nothing on me


  • It was Samantha’s mother
  • She finally believes Samantha is missing
  • Let her stick around
  • Agreed, it’s risky


  • Yes, but the bastard got out early
  • Yes, that’s right
  • Yes, but Lt. Tillerson turned a blind eye to it
  • I turned off my phone
  • No idea
  • I’m innocentmoshimushi.wordpress.com


  • Let’s talk about the experts’ analysis
  • No, I didn’t
  • So there was heroin in the syringe?
  • You can stop now, Michael
  • We should check if any doctors were fired there in the last year
  • I hope not

Accept call

Part 5  |  Table of Contents  |  Part 2

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