[Sentence] Walkthrough Part 3

Message murder mystery game by Guts United. You play as Henry, a suspect under house arrest for a murder case.

Part 2  |  Table of Contents  |  Part 4


  • Give me the details
  • What do you want from me?
  • I appreciate it (+)moshimushi.wordpress.com


  • I will if the opportunity arises
  • (UNLOCK) Please trust my expertise


  • Did something happen?
  • Maybe you and I could join forces (+)
  • As far as I understand
  • We’ve been in contact with her


  • You think that’s an accident?moshimushi.wordpress.com

Frederick Solt

  • I’m a police officer
  • No, I’m just trying to sort things out


  • I think he knows something
  • Great job. (+ Michael)
  • OK, I’ll talk to him


  • There are text messages
  • Yesmoshimushi.wordpress.com


  • I think I’ll be back in a week
  • The biggest issue is finding a job
  • Well, I might be able to help you pay for it (+)
  • Don’t tell mom until you make up your mind


  • Believe me
  • I don’t know what you’re talking about


  • OK, but be careful (+ Helen)
  • Almost?moshimushi.wordpress.com
  • Thanks, Helen! (+ Helen)


  • I can’t control her personal life
  • That’s natural, considering what he went through
  • He’s been to psychologists
  • I’ll be around
  • I will, don’t worry


  • I’ve been talking to the kidnapper this whole time
  • This is entirely my fault
  • Why?moshimushi.wordpress.com
  • All right, thanks (+ Helen)


  • I like cooking
  • Have I already made the joke about donuts?
  • I’ll try to remember that
  • What are you talking about? Our whole homicide unit has a season pass
  • I have a hard time going to crowded places
  • I never thought it would come to this
  • Me toomoshimushi.wordpress.com
  • Yeah, I’m much better now


  • I was a police officer
  • I knowmoshimushi.wordpress.com
  • I’ll try to find out
  • Where can I find proof?


  • (UNLOCK) I’m asking you to trust us

Accept callmoshimushi.wordpress.com

  • I can’t believe we can’t identify the source of these videos
  • Well, I know you’re doing what you can (+ Michael)


  • It’s her lifemoshimushi.wordpress.com
  • We can figure out how


  • What can you say about our target?
  • He’s smarter than we thought
  • Maybe there are 2 people?
  • It seems like our target knows a thing or two about computers
  • I still don’t get what you need my help for

Part 2  |  Table of Contents  |  Part 4


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