[Langrisser (Mobile)] Goddess of Light’s Class Questions

Answers for the Goddess Lushiris’s questions when choosing your class and some information to help you choose.

Each class has a class type which is strong against another.

Matthew begins as Rookie > Fighter, and the class tree thereafter is affected by your answers to Lushiris’s questions.

For example this is the class tree for a Shadow character.

This is for a Dragon Master character.

These are the 4 classes.

If you are reading this outside of moshimushi.wordpress.com, it has been stolen!

Dragon Master (Flier)

1. Counterattack
2. Overwhelming strength
3. In the heavens above
4. A blue summer sky
5. Passion
6. Helping others
7. My loved ones


Strike Master (Cavalry)

1. Retreat
2. Strategic versatility
3. I am god
4. To get what my heart desires
5. Courage
6. Acceptance
7. Glory


Shadow (Assassin)

1. Counterattack
2. Excellent mobility
3. They do not exist
4. Revenge
5. An unyielding spirit
6. Charity
7. My home


Ranger (Archer)

1. Defense
2. Strategic versatility
3. They do not exist
4. To protect the things I care about
5. Courage
6. Helping others
7. My home


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