[Detective S] Case No. 2 Walkthrough

Walkthrough for case 2 in Detective S : Mystery game & Find the differences, Bathtub in a closed room

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Ms. Kang

  • In your belongings
    Can you explain the use
  • At your home
    Have you fought frequently
  • I’m going to ask you about the alibi
    We are rechecking all alibis

Mr. Cha

  • Your minus bank account
    currently experiencing financial
  • In your study room
    Is there any reason for keeping only the record of the victim’s medical accidents?
  • We found your footprints
    Why did you go to the roof

Ms. Han

  • burn marks
    Please tell us about the burn marks found in the gloves, nails, and portable battery
  • photo of a child
    The hospital mark on the patient robe your daughter is wearing and that the victim is wearing are the same
  • alibi
    Please tell us about your alibi when you visited Building 101 this morning


Ms. Do

  • photos
    the same photos
  • pesticides and lancet
    If this is the item that the owner of the house uses it, please tell us the purpose!
  • alibi
    Could you tell us again what you were doing in the afternoon?



Ms. Han

Syringe, Old portable battery

Record of the victim’s medical records

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