[Mayday Memory: CHOICE SF Otome] Gift Box Drops

Lucydream replaced the Mission and Recycle system with gift boxes. Here are the possible fragments (you need 300 fragments to get the item) the gift boxes or chests gives when opened. The gifts can be given to the guys in Memory Storage to increase their LOVE.


Bronze (50 Gems or wait)
10 fragments of one of these:

[Ain, +5] Picture of Dell
[Ain, +10] Camera
[Syd, +5] Traditional Alcohol
[Syd, +10] Baseball Glove
[Hansol, +5] Keyboard
[Hansol, +10] Toolbox
Silver (170 Gems or wait)43 fragments of one of these:

[Ain, +20] Fairy Tale Book
[Ain, +25] Cinema Ticket
[Syd, +20] One-time Wish Coupon
[Syd, +25] Comic Book
[Hansol, +20] Aroma Diffuser
[Hansol, +25] Lotto Ticket
Gold (480 Gems or wait)150 fragments of one of these:

[Ain, +30] Dell’s Autograph
[Ain, +50] Ring
[Syd, +30] Comb
[Syd, +50] Tiger Balm
[Hansol, +30] 10kg Snow Crab
[Hansol, +50] Flower Bouquet

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