[The Burnable Garbage Day / Anomoe] Development Quests – Area 1 to 6 Answers Items

Table of Contents | Area 7 to 12

1. Base Area

Start TownThis town needs more greenery.
there are plants, good for skin care
Aloe Leaf
wild fabrics
Animal Skin
Secondgear TownMy plant is not growing WELL.
moshimushi.wordpress.comIf there is a portable food not decaying quickly
Preserved food
Do you have anything like the needle?
Animal Bones

2. Forest Area

Jungle Town
a food that I can eat with one hand
Get: The blueprint for “Bridge Repair Kit”
moshimushi.wordpress.comwhat is Sake made of?
Robo, do you have any ingredients to make the food?
New Wear TownI’m looking for something making him feel cool
large and sturdy bed
anything that I can put my clothes?

3. Tropic Area

Vacation Town
Something like making me have an adventurous spirit?
Stone Axe
Get: The 1st blueprint for the battery
Using when you invite guests
Table set
a bag which can pack a lot of food?
Travel Townan object like a symbol of this town
clothes looking classy and stealing women’s hearts?
Silk Coat
Do you have anything to protect my knees and thighs?

4. Nature Area

Meat Town
hunting from a distance
Hunter’s Bow
Get: The 3rd blueprint for the drill
Do you have a sunshade or something?
open a tournament
Soccer Ball
Vege Townsweet and tasty drink
Coconut Water
But I don’t have a bag to pack my clothes
I want to eat some meat.

5. Mountain Area

Water Townincredible fruit in savannah
Savannah Fruit
Get: The blueprint for “Jet Pack”
Do you know “Trendy Food” in this world?
Portable Meals
a fruit called “Doctor-Free”
Sleepy TownI want to play a simple game without moving too much
Playing card
more difficult puzzles
Cube Puzzle
big black instrument

6. Volcano Area

Kitchen TownDo you have a colorful vegetable?
If I can see my farm from a distance
Is there any way to cool down a glass?
Natural Ice
Gem TownDo you have anything to make me relax?
Honey Flavoring
Is there anything making her feel better?
Do you know a way to sleep warmly?
Down Comforter

Table of Contents | Area 7 to 12

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