[Project Star: Makeover Story] Fashion Night Beauty Contest

Limbo TV invites you to perform on their gala. You prepared a song/dance in cute style.
Vivid, CuteDancer

Pictures for the Magic World magazine. It feels great to be a magical girl in a fairy tale world.
Pleasant, Fairy TaleMagical

The new event is to be held in an European castle. You picked a glamorousdress for the occasion.
Gorgeous, Fairy TailCeremonial

The theme of the show is ‘handsome’. You will engage many celebrity girls in a contest of fashion.
Dashing, TrendingStylish

The weather’s getting cold. You prepared a warm winter attire. It looks innocent and lively, also sufficiently covers your face.
Pure, PlayfulInsulated, Casual

To welcome foreign visitors, this celebration has events specially designed with Japanese style in mind.
Subtle, TraditionalKimono

Every trip is a special occasion for a star. Got to radiate a field of fashion even in daily casual wear.
Graceful, TrendingRelaxed, Street

Photography appointment by a magazine, for -commercial pictures in demure style.
Gorgeous, SubtlePhotogenic

First love is always the most beautiful moment in life. In this new music video, you will play a -mature girl dressed in British style and sing against the wind.
Simple, Mature British, Singer

Summer again. How to be simplistic and charming, and make the daily attire camera-ready. That is a serious challenge.
Simple, Sexy Casual

To celebrate the Traditional Chinese Costume Day, the Fashion Night event planned a dinner promoting traditional culture, taking you back to days of yore.
Mature, TraditionalHistorical, Vanity Fair

Unplanned afternoon tea party. Everyone shall dress in something matching the occasion. You decide to don a sweet maid costume.
Playful, PleasantMaid

New reality show. You will be put on a trip with other celebrities. It’s time to put on those demure clothes!
Simple, PureWarm

They are taking your final makeup picture for your guest appearance. The dress is elegant and mature. You like it a lot.
Graceful, MatureCeremonial, Photogenic
A rare break! Dress in something cuter than usual. Looks good even if you’re spotted in the wild!Traditional, CuteStreet, Historical

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