[Revelation: Infinite Journey] Sulan County Novice Quests Guide

Rookie or Novice Adventurer Quests are Exploration Missions that can be accepted from a Quest Board.

Go to the coordinates by opening the mini map, type coordinates into the 2 rectangles at the top right corner and press “Go”.

Audio Track Collection | Table of Contents | Exploration Missions

Chess Introduction

  1. Use the quest autopath to go to Haimian (take the exit behind Mr. Liang and follow the path, 732 – 451).
  2. Clear 3 Checkerboard Star Traces:


Classroom Display I

  1. See Audio Track Collection Locations if you don’t have Frog Song.
  2. Go to Mr. Liang (692 – 434) or autopath through Hall of Fame.
  3. Use the Audio shortcut to the right of your chat or the Automata Band Summon Scroll in your Logbook Bag and play Frog Song. An automata should appear near you and play the track.


Classroom Display II

Same as Classroom Display I, but play Insect Calls instead.


Classroom Display III

Same as Classroom Display I, but play Seagull Chirping instead.


Classroom Display IV

Same as Classroom Display I, but play Sound of Streams instead.


Classroom Display V

Same as Classroom Display I, but play Sound of Waterfall instead.


Guardian Light

  1. At night, take a picture of the First Ray of Light, the Starry Lighthouse.
  2. Take a picture of the Second Ray of Light, the Hydee Statue. Her palm is emitting light. It’s the statue that can be seen in the distance when facing southeast from Sulan Plaza.


Happy Person

Talk to Sulan’s happiest person, Xiao Pan, at 641 – 384 of Trader Lane, in front of Ra Shell.


Kaito Preview

  1. Enter the Adventurers’ Guild. Find Xia Dao (west of Yuan Qiu who’s in front of a board).
  2. Use Detect. Tap the eye icon that appears to See Through him.
  3. Read the Note he leaves.


No Ra Here

Ra Angle the Sixth [Crackpot Angler] at 277 – 312. Take a picture with Ecto Lens ON or use Detect. One clue is the quest title and another is the other Ra Angles are along the Aquatic Bay shoreline in the order of age (eldest in the south to youngest in the north).


Practicing With Love

Take a picture of a cat or dog in Sulan City. The Trade Hub’s cat mascot, Amber, is on the table in front of Piao Fanzhi.


Secret Treasure Riddle II

  1. Take a picture of the Hidden Chest (629 – 406) in front of the drug store with Ecto Lens ON.
  2. Open the chest.


The Pinnacle of Jankenpon

Take a close-up picture of the person who is the best at Jankenpon in Sulan County. Jankenpon Enthusiast [Champion] is on the roof (578 – 410) of the building near the vending machines. You’ll have to sprint-jump onto the eaves and go to her on the ledge.


Turtle Hunting Tour

Take a picture of a turtle in Sulan City. The turtle structure (628 – 316) at Sulan Plaza, near Paloma, will do.

guide by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Audio Track Collection | Table of Contents | Exploration Missions


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