[Medieval Cop VII – Adam and Eva] Walkthrough

Adam and Eva is the 7th game of Medieval Cop, a point-and-click series by GeminiGamer (VasantJ). Kongregate.

Table of Contents

-Interrogation Room-

Interact with these in order.


Cupboard on the most left
+ Key


Glowing Sequence
Jump over Auburn?
Yes (✓)

Yes (✓)


Finding Evidence

Interact with these.

+ Unique Scissors

Mr. Hepburn
+ Mr. Hepburn’s body

Bloody papers (beside Mr. Hepburn)
+ Papers stuck with Blood

Broken window (second from the left)
+ Broken Window

Mrs. Hepburn
+ Mrs. Hepburn’s Testimony

Bloody sliding door
+ Blood on Door

Nancy (several exhibits)

Captain (to proceed to the final stage)


-Quick Debate-

This weapon is an essential tool for—
Penzai (✓)
Sliding Doors

But what you told us contradicts what this person says—
Nancy (✓)
Gru Valerious

Here’s a small pop quiz for you. Which eye was the victim stabbed?
Left (✓)

There’s also one more thing that stands out due to her false testimony.
Position of Penzai
Curtain Position
Time of Death (✓)
Nancy’s Location

This evidence proved that Mr. Hepburn died way earlier than an hour.
Mr. Hepburn’s body
Mrs. Hepburn’s Testimony
Blood on Sliding Doors
Broken Window
Unique Scissors
Bloodied Stuck Papers (✓)

It probably had something to do with—
The Museum
The Penzai
The Log Book
The Chou Gang
The Bloodied Papers (✓)
The Sliding Doors with Blood

You lied about the killer’s—
Clothes (✓)

According to you, the killer was wearing loose clothing but this contradicts with this evidence—
Broken Window (✓)
Blood on Door
Chau Gong
Log Book
Penzai Tree

The killer has never been to this house considering how blindly he searched for something. So how did he know about—
The Penzai
The Doors (✓)
The Gong
The Cupboard
The Curtain
The Scissors

If the killer went out that window, this evident would have reacted to it.
The Penzai
The Doors
The Gong (✓)
The Cupboard
The Curtain
The Scissors



Interact with these in order.

Vilrole (top left table, he’s sitting on the right side of the table)

The various people present (until Dregg suggests to go back to the bar stools near Vilrole’s table)

Gretchen (sitting on one of the bar stools)
+ Riddle Key

I hide in a wooden kingdom with three doorways
Second cupboard from the left, the one with 3 drawers
+ Second Key

Need a drink?
Cupboard with red and blue bottles
+ Third Key

Could I interest you in a LEFT handed DRAWing ERaser?
Left drawer of the only short cupboard
+ Fourth Key

One of them is not like the other two.
Door on the right
+ Fifth/Final Key

Voila, you got them all.
Door in the centre


-Eva’s room-
Locate and flip the switches

There’s a window of opportunity yet the two lovers can’t meet. At least he should give it a try.
Man’s portrait by the leftmost window

I sleep better with my head lower than my legs.
Lower part of the bed

Something in this room is in dire need of water.
Plant on the right side of the room

So many keys and you still can’t find the key to my heart.
Middle of the piano

(Interact with the giant box)
+ Eva’s Diary


-Dimensional Debate-

Lawyer E. Vil
Draziel: Oh, I remember him, he was such a nice guy
False (✓)

Princess Aria
Draziel: I had nothing to do with it
False (✓)

Dregg: No, no one in my life important to me is dead.
False (✓)

Draziel: Oh, so someone did die, was it your fault?
Yes (✓)

Draziel: Would you like to give it a try?

Table of Contents


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