[Helix Waltz] Maids’ Lodge

Table of Contents  |  Q&A by Signs

Thanks to 1arigato for pointing out that e.g. if a character likes something from option 1, the other answers for him/her would be option 1 too, and chanchan for pointing out that there are 4 groups of answers. This allowed me to draw the parallel that each group correlates with the characters’ elements. With the amount of sample size/confirmed answers we already have, it’s pretty much certain (thanks so much everyone for all the inputs!!), so here’s a table for easier reference.


Balfey, Barris, Florna, Gaelan, Giulolo, Lawrence, Lucilia, Tilla, Zoe

Asteria, Carlos, Christie, Gonzalo, Hamilton, Motiti, Randall, Rincole

Alminas, Barbara, Basim, Juven, Kelly, Lynna, Marvelia, Nyx, Ramus

Barbalius, Grand Duke Bavlenka, Hugh, Linglan, Lou, Maggie, Rebecca, Shatina, Vicky, Willow

CakeCheeseStrawberryMille CrepesDurian

Table of Contents  |  Q&A by Signs


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