[Helix Waltz] Q&A by Signs

Maids’ Lodge  |  Table of Contents  |  2-Choiced Intel Qns

Compilation. Once again, very thankful to all the contributors for taking the time and effort to help out. I wouldn’t have much to compile without you guys. Happy gaming everyone! (P.S. Magda’s sign can be changed.)

Alignment (Order)

moshimushi.wordpress.com (Lawful) Barbalius, Barris, Black Glove, Florna, Gaelan, Gocheau, Harson, Heather, Hosta, Hugh, Leslie, Lou, Lucilia, Tilla (Neutral1) Alminas, Andre, Asteria, Balfey, Basim, Carlos, Christie, Cleric Pan, Gedanh, Giulolo, Hamilton, Linglan, Marvelia, Motiti, Nahr, Ramus, Randall, Rebecca, Starr, Xavier (Chaotic) Alan, Barbara, Bergnya, Biggus, Brala, Coco, Diane, Foggy, Gonzalo, Helena, Ivan, Juven, Kelly, Maggie, Matthew, Nyx, Rincole, Shana, Shatina, Vicky, Willow, Zoe
If a man’s best friend got murdered Resort to law Find truth Blood for blood
If you found a legal loophole Inform City Assembly Ignore Make a fortune
Is Mrs. Ellenstein very strict with you? What happens if you have different opinions? Respect her Respect facts Ignore her
Marriage of most young aristocrats is still decided by their parents. What if you really hate your partner? Bear it Double-cross Run away
Oren’s carelessness. They simply don’t have any moral idea… Obey laws Educate them Use Violence
The law is… Guarantee of order Tool of reign Shacke of humanity


Alignment (Moral)

moshimushi.wordpress.com (Good) Alan, Alminas, Andre, Balfey, Barbalius, Barbara, Barris, Basim, Brala, Christie, Cleric Pan, Diane, Florna, Gedanh, Giulolo, Gonzalo, Helena, Hugh, Juven, Linglan, Maggie, Marvelia, Motiti, Nahr, Nyx, Randall, Rebecca, Starr, Vicky, Xavier (Neutral2) Asteria, Biggus, Coco, Foggy, Gocheau, Harson, Heather, Hosta, Ivan, Leslie, Lucilia, Matthew, Rincole, Shana, Willow, Zoe (Evil) Bergnya, Black Glove, Carlos, Gaelan, Hamilton, Kelly, Lou, Ramus, Shatina, Tilla
A wicked countess Too cruel Ridiculous Any effects?
Do you believe in karma? Of course It’s complicated It’s a lie
Doctor being executed? It’s wrong It’s flawed Need promotion
If I had coins to burn… Help the poor Control finance Revenge
Opinion on charity A kind deed Social balance Hypocritical game
The city was taken Help all Try to survive Seek new power



moshimushi.wordpress.com (Earth) Andre, Balfey, Barris, Florna, Gaelan, Giulolo, Gocheau, Harson, Hosta, Leslie, Lucilia, Tilla, Xavier, Zoe (Water) Alan, Asteria, Black Glove, Carlos, Christie, Diane, Gonzalo, Hamilton, Heather, Ivan, Motiti, Randall, Rincole (Wind) Alminas, Barbara, Basim, Bergnya, Biggus, Brala, Cleric Pan, Gedanh, Juven, Kelly, Marvelia, Nahr, Nyx, Ramus, Starr (Fire) Barbalius, Coco, Foggy, Helena, Hugh, Linglan, Lou, Maggie, Matthew, Rebecca, Shana, Shatina, Vicky, Willow
Favorite color Black Blue Green Red
If you could learn one kind of magic Defense Ward Healing Magic Stealth Magic Fireball Spell
Most important quality of a man Modest Gentle Free Enthusiastic
Pets Dog Bird Cat Horse
Weapons you prefer Hammer Whip Arrow Machete



moshimushi.wordpress.com (Conservatism) Asteria, Balfey, Barbalius, Black Glove, Carlos, Christie, Gaelan, Gedanh, Giulolo, Gocheau, Harson, Heather, Hugh, Leslie, Lou, Lucilia, Motiti, Ramus, Starr, Tilla, Xavier (Liberalism) Alan, Alminas, Andre, Barbara, Florna, Foggy, Gonzalo, Hosta, Juven, Kelly, Maggie, Marvelia, Nyx, Randall (Rebel) Bergnya, Biggus, Brala, Coco, Diane, Hamilton, Helena, Ivan, Rincole, Shana, Shatina, Vicky, Willow (Dissident) Barris, Basim, Cleric Pan, Linglan, Matthew, Nahr, Rebecca, Zoe
Expansion of City Guard Bad for stability Good for safety Waste of tax Structural issue
Intermarriage between the noble and the civilian Dilute bloodline Free love Class Differences Change laws
Noble’s privileges Take it for granted Require reform Roots of turmoil It’s power
Opinion on the slums Quarantine Governance Revolution Autonomy
Orens getting the right to vote Ridiculous Civilized Civilians’ victory Political Game

Maids’ Lodge  |  Table of Contents  |  2-Choiced Intel Qns


8 thoughts on “[Helix Waltz] Q&A by Signs

  1. Heh. Sigh… I see the creators used a biased outlook when creating the whole “Morals/Politico” aspects. Guess we can’t escape from real-world biasedness anywhere. Not even in a fictitious dress up game.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I understand that it makes things easier in terms of game mechanics, but I was really hoping for each of them to at least have their own views, not answers pertaining to a set like this.


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