[Romantic Diary] Luca

Note that the amount of affection you get might vary depending on what romantic level you’re reached with each character and so on.

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Loss of some memory, the elves will become bears for race reason when their magic power is not stable. An accident bring you into this alien world. For duty, you are on a journey of seeking time shards.

Message Status

Mood 90 – The sky is so clear today, and feels like the days in Elven Forest.
Mood 100 – Heh heh… I’m not happy… Heh… heh…

Gift Dialogue
Uh… anyway, this stuff is for you. Don’t lose them.

Basic Info
Age: 18 Lookalike
Date of Birth: 41818
Height: 182
Race: Light Elf
Personality: Proud
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Compatible: Scorpio, Pisces
Opposing: Aries, Leo

Gentle Woman
Warm Color
Peaceful Environment
Green Plants
Caramel Custard

No Self-confidence
The Church
Crowdy Place
Untruthful Person
The Bitter Taste
Yogurt Pudding


Gifts (+affection)
Cosmetic Box: 1
Fashion Magazine: 1
Jazzy Tie: 1
Large Rice Ball: 1
Refreshing Snack: 1
Shell Bell: 1
Sport Wristband: 1
Wooden Sculpture: 1
Coupon: 2
Cute Toy: 2
Instant Noodles: 2
Fresh Milk: 2
Magic Spice: 2
Postcard: 2
Soft Cushion: 2
Advanced Honey: 5
Antique Jade: 5
Baseball Mitts: 5
Colorful Parrot: 5
Elven Sword: 5
Fashionable Skateboard: 5
Redwood Bracelet: 5
Snuff Bottle: 5
Violin: 5
Souffle: 6
Crystal Statue: 10
Elven Tree Seed: 10
Almond Cookie: 18
Matcha Muffin: 19
Caramel Custard: 23
French Toast: 24
Yogurt Pudding: 34
Strawberry Pudding: 50


Events w/o Questions
“Something seems to have happened when dancing with Luca!”
mood+ 5, affection +0, charm +10

Restaurant: Water
“What a coincidence to meet Luca in the restaurant!”

mood +10 affection +0, spirit +5
mood +15 affection +0, spirit +5

Cafe: Bet
“Meet Luca at the critical moment?”
mood +10, affection +0, charm +5

Cafe: Invent desserts
“Met Luca when working?”
mood +10, affection +0, spirit +5

Roast Sweet Potato Dinner
“Met Luca when working?”
mood +10, affection +0, spirit +5

Design: Sketching
“The painting lesson has started!”
mood -5, affection +0, art +10

Design: Newspaper
“There is a lot of work in the design studio! Luckily, we have Luca!”
mood +10, affection +0, Int +5


One-Question Events
“Something happened when you are on a date with Luca! Tackle it now.”
Is there any reward if I help you? (mood +0, affection +0)
Ummm… Luca, I really want to help them. (mood +0, affection +30)
OK, no problem! (mood +0, affection +15)

“Something happened when you are on a date with Luca! Tackle it now.”
I wish I can go home soon.
I wish we can find all the time shards soon. (mood +0, affection +30)
I wish I can make a lot of money.

Beach (Restaurant)
“Something happened when you are on a date with Luca! Tackle it now.”
People have different preferences. (mood +0, affection +30)
Logically, I should…… (mood +0, affection +0)
What do you think? (mood +0, affection +14)

Trivia: Park (Lavender – season)
A. April-June
B. June-August (mood +0, affection +25)
C. June-September (mood +0, affection +24)
D. July-September

Trivia: Park (Lavender – meaning)
Do you know the emblematic meaning of lavender?
A. Face love.
B. Long for love.
C. Wait for love. (mood+ 0, affection +24)
D. Protect love.

Trivia: Restaurant
Which of the following is not good for your health?
A. Beans
B. Barbecue (mood +0, affection +24)
C. Fruits
D. Vegetables

Trivia: Yusetta’s Studio
Which of the following is not the description of the British Clothing Style?
A. Originated from the Victorian era.
B. Comfortable and Casual. (mood +0, affection +25)
C. Simple cuts and Slim.
D. The stand-collar design is one of its important features. (mood +0, affection +24)

Trivia: Dessert
What kind of dessert do you like, Luca?
A. Caramel Custard (mood +0, affection +24)
B. Yogurt Pudding
C. Toast
D. Matcha Muffin


Multiple-Question Events

*I’ll just put the mood counts for these.
+5 -> +5 mood, +24 or so affection
+0 -> +0 mood, +12 or so affection
-3 -> -3 mood, +0 affection.

Coffee Shop (Casual)
“Let’s meet up today. I’ll wait for you in a coffee shop.”
Everything correct: Artistic +8, Charm +8

Hot please. (+0)
I wait for you here. (-3)
I’ll go with you. (+5)

Then, let’s go. (-3)
We can go and see. (+0)
It seems very interesting. (+5)

Maybe I slept late yesterday. (+5)
We’d better go ahead to the next scenery spot. (-3)
Ok.. (+0)

You should said it earlier. (-3)
You still remember.. (+5)
I think too much (+0)


Library (Artistic)
“Hurry up or I’ll go now.”
Everything correct: Int+8, Spirit+8

It would be better if Luca is honest to me. (-3)
I’m touched. Thank you! (+5)
It’s difficult, but I’ll try my best to catch up with Yusetta! (+0)

In fact, I think we should go to another place. I’m afraid of it. (+5)
I can play on my own and you wait for me here. (-3)
You don’t have to play it. (+0)

I won’t fall down. Don’t worry! (-3)
I know you care about me. (+0)
Gentle Luca is attractive. (+5)

It’s happy to fight in water. (-3)
I’ll come back later. (+0)
You can often smile like this. (+5)


Amusement Park (Cute/Hip-hop)
“I’ve found a nice beverage shop. Go with me!”
Everything correct: Int +8, Charm +8

Please stay with me if I’m afraid. (+5)
Luca is a man! (+0)
Ok, ok, I understand! (-3)

I’m a little tired. (-3)
Don’t you want to sit down with me for a while? (+0)
I can still with you (+5)

I still want to hang out with Luca. (+5)
I’m good. (-3)
You don’t want to stay with me? (+0)

Shy girls will hold you. (+5)
Please keep hold of my hand! (-3)
Luca can hold me. (+0)


Yusetta’s Studio (Cute/Pretty)
“Umm… If you have time, could you come to Yusetta’s studio?”
Everything correct: First Met- Sweet Kitchen CG, Spirit +8, Charm +8

You’re right. (+5)
I have something urgent to talk to Luca. (+0)
Well, ok. (-3)

Don’t be in such a hurry. (-3)
Come back soon (+5)
Go on with your chores. (+0)

Are you very hungry? (+0)
Let me cook two eggs for you. (+5)
You should get good rest now. (-3)

I’d like to make desserts for you. (+0)
I’ve a gift for you. (+5)
Don’t be shy. (-3)


Flower Seed (Vintage)
“Come out! I… I have a gift for you.”
Everything correct: Int +8, Orig +8

Let’s find Aoi for help! (+5)
Aoi can help us. (+0)
Aoi and I are lovers. (-3)

Luca came to help me. (+5)
Luca is my friend~ (+0)
I have a good relationship with Luca. (-3)

It’s ok with me and Luca. (+5)
Luca can make it. (+0)
Others except couples can also make it. (-3)

We don’t have that kind of relationship. (-3)
We’re not lovers. (+5)
we’re just friends. (+0)


Christmas (Cute/Pretty)
Let’s… spend this Christmas together!
Everything Correct: Skip a Beat – Merry Christmas CG

How about playing with us? (+0)
Let’s play together! (-3)
That’s sympathetic~ (+5)

Treat him to dinner. (+5)
Well, I’ll treat you back. (-3)
How about treating him to some snacks! (+0)

Luca also wants to join! (+0)
Let’s decide it! (+5)
Elvin is too honest. (-3)

Merry Christmas! (+5)
Let’s go together. (-3)
Let’s go and enjoy the meal! (+0)


Park (Ladylike)
“It’s nice today… Could you take a walk with me?”
Everything correct: First Met – Warmth in Winter CG, Spirit +16

You must be wrong. (-3)
Am I? (+0)
No, I’m good. (+5)

What happened before? (+0)
We should also pay attention to these when going on a trip. (+5)
Did you meet danger on the snow mountain? (-3)

I brought some snacks. (+0)
Didn’t expect you were hungry. (-3)
I’ll cook for you. (+5)

Let me think about it. (-3)
We’d better go across. (+5)
We cannot reach the top of the mountain if we don’t go across. (+0)


Theatre (Mature)
“My friend has given me two tickets. Let’s go to the theater.”
Everything correct: Artistic +16

Let’s watch it together! (+5)
Anyway, look at this! (-3)
I really want to see this. (+0)

Take me there quickly! (-3)
both ‘Love Bracelet’… (+0)
Let’s go to see! (+5)

I really want that bracelet. (-3)
I was very moved today! (+5)
I think Luca knows about girl. (+0)

I wasn’t in the background… (+5)
I see… (+0)
What are you talking about? (-3)


Hang Out (Vintage)
“I’m free today. Let’s hang out!”
Everything correct: Orig +8

Well, one half for each of us. (+5)
I eat less. (+0)
You just don’t want me to eat. (-3)

Foodie. (-3)
One half! (+5)
I said it was delicious. (+0)

I want you to wear the same hat as me. (+5)
Take it. (+0)
I buy it for you. (-3)

I still want to swim! (-3)
It’s so beautiful here. (+0)
I want you to come with me. (+5)


Drunk (Cute/Pretty)
“Don’t get late for the date this afternoon.”
Everything correct: Soul Mate – Intimate CG, Artistic +16

This is the only way. (+0)
There are no air conditioners! (-3)
I’ll rely on myself. (+5)

Let’s get something to eat. (+5)
Remind you of bad memories? (+0)
Luca is stubborn. (-3)

If you change your mind. (+0)
if you weren’t so stubborn. (-3)
if you agreed with me. (+5)

Only eat one! (error: ‘This option does not exist)
Just eat a few! (+0)
Then eat it! (+5)



Other CG Events
*those that require clues to be unlocked. Obtains CG if you get every (+5). First playthrough is free after unlock. Subsequent playthroughs, if you didn’t obtain the CG, requires Love Stone(s).

First Met – Unbalanced Pink
Just chat. (+0)
Discussing the celebration. (+5)
Nothing special. (-3)

A wishing tree! (+5)
Fireworks! (-3)
Lakeside! (+0)

Please do it, Reispalt, (+0)
Let me try. (+5)
Luca, come on. (-3)

Jump down. (+0)
Slowly down. (+5)
Get ready. (-3)


Skip a Beat – Smile on Sands
A nice Luca will be more popular among girls. (+5)
Thank you, Luca. You are very nice today. (+0)
The water tastes sweet, heh heh. (-3)

So you were staring at me just now, Luca? (+0)
Which means you are the one with a ‘brain’. (-3)
Which means Luca you care about me a lot. (+5)

I see. I didn’t know the carousel has such a profound meaning. (+0)
Luca, you view on it is very special. (-3)
I will cherish the moment when I can get close to you more (+5)

I can feel it, Luca. (-3)
I’m relieved to hear you say this, Luca. (+0)
For me, you are like my family in Teala. (+5)


Skip a Beat – Under the Rainbow (Pure)
Luca is shy. (-3)
Shying Luca is really cute. (+5)
Don’t be embarrassed. (+0)

Take it easy. You can make it. (-3)
I need to practice! I’ll try to pick up food for Luca. (+5)
I practiced. I can show you! (+0)

Thank you! One for you, one for me! (+5)
It seems nagging is useful. (-3)

I won’t tell you my secret. (-3)
Are you jealous? (+5)
You’re caring about me. (+0)


Neil  |  Table of Contents  |  Elvin


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  1. What about the one where he asks, “Which one of the following foods is bad for weak patients?”
    a) pear
    b) quail
    c) date
    d) mushroom


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