[Romantic Diary] Reinhard

Note that the amount of affection you get might vary depending on what romantic level you’re reached with each character and so on.

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Kudos to the following for contributing: Vaenilla, ReinhardFanClub, missyangel

Elvin  |  Table of Contents  |  Aoi

(purchase with 68 Love Stones or get from Love Wheel)
One of Grelor’s princes, his ambition is on the whole continent. In order to achieve his ambition, he keeps recruiting talents. After meeting you, both the unique you and powerful Luca become his favourites!

Message Status
Mood 50 – I’ve been busy handling with government affairs recently.
Mood 70 – All servants are working hard. I can’t lose to them.
Mood 90 – I’m absent-minded frequently these days.
Mood 100 – Somehow I feel my heart is racing…

Gift Dialogue
Thank you for you company over the past few days… I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

Basic Info
Age: 19
Date of Birth: 41954
Height: 188
Race: Human
Personality: Naive
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Compatible: Cancer, Piesces
Opposing: Sagittarius, Aquarius

Black Cat
Quiet and Obedient
Matcha Muffin
Silence and Understanding

A Weak Person
Taste of Sweet
A Straightforward Woman
Cramped Environment


Gifts (+affection)
Fashion Magazine: 1
Jazzy Tie: 1
Large Rice Ball: 1
Sport Wristband: 1
Wooden Sculpture: 1
Advanced Belt: 2
Advanced Honey: 2
Black Tie: 2
Coupon: 2
Cute Toy: 2
Elven Sword: 2
Food Reception Ticket: 2
Fresh Milk: 2
Horn Comb: 2
Instant Noodles: 2
Magic Spice: 2
Maiden Pendant: 2
Mexican Sauce: 2
Postcard: 2
Soft Cushion: 2
Vintage Teaware: 2
Baseball Mitts: 4
Colorful Parrot: 4
Crystal Statue: 4
Elven Tree Seed: 4
Fashionable Skateboard: 4
Fine Music Box: 4
Fuzzy Painting: 4
Redwood Bracelet: 4
Snuff Bottle: 4
Violin: 4
Soft Cushion: 2
Souffle: 7
Red Lacquer…: 9
Caramel Custard: 13
Almond Cookie: 17
French Toast: 19
Matcha Muffin: 28
Coconut Custard: 43
Strawberry Pudding: 45


Date sequence
Cafe -> Theatre -> Library – 38 affection at mood 100
Library -> Restaurant -> Church — 36 affection at mood 100


Events w/o Questions


One-Question Events
Humans and Elves
“Something happened when you are on a date with Reinhard! Tackle it now.”
In that case, why don’t you try?
I hope you can do something with me together. (mood +0, affection +28)
For the peace of Grelor!

Church and Prayer
“Something happened when you are on a date with Reinhard! Tackle it now.”
I’m so touched.
I will be more dependent on you if you say so.
Thank you! You make me feel more secure. (mood +0, affection +28)

Discount Items
“Something happened when you are on a date with Reinhard! Tackle it now.”
I can help you.
I support you, prince.
I will go with you. (mood +0, affection +19)

Birthday and Tailored Suit
“The prince’s daily life is special.”
Happy birthday, prince. (mood +5, affection +6, charm +5)
Congratulations, prince. (mood +5, affection +3, charm +5)
Your birthday really needs a celebration! (mood +5, affection +2, charm +5)

Job: Restaurant – Keeping appointments
“Prince, what are you doing here?”
Forget it. We are friends anyway.
Don’t waste time splitting hairs, prince.
Heehee, do you want me to help you erase those memories? (mood +5, affection +6, art +5)

Job: Cafe – Prince’s Reserved Seat
“The prince’s daily life is special.”
Ha! Making money like this…
So this is the prince’s “celebrity effect”… (mood +0, affection +6, orig +5)
The name of “Prince” is really useful… (mood +0, affection +3, orig +5)

Trivia: Library (Elvin Cameo)
“Something happened when you are on a date with Reinhard! Tackle it now.”
Let me test you first. Which has the smallest area on Earth?
A: Arctic Ocean (mood +0, affection +22)
B: The Pacific
C: The Atlantic (mood +0, affection +22)
D: The Indian Ocean (mood +0, affection +22)

Trivia: Piano Sound
“Something happened when you are on a date with Reinhard! Tackle it now.”
Do you know what is the quality of the sound? ‘sound’ refers to what?
A: Pitch (mood +0, affection +32)
B: Volume (mood +0, affection +22)
C: Timbre
D: Range

Do you know when does the divination appear?
A: Shang and Zhou dynasty
B: Xia dynasty
C: The three kingdoms dynasty (mood +0, affection +22)
D: The ancient wild times


Multiple-Question Events

*I’ll just put the mood counts for these.
+5 -> +5 mood, +24 or so affection
+0 -> +0 mood, +12 or so affection
-3 -> -3 mood, +0 affection.

Showing Around (Casual/Leisure)
“I’m looking forward to today’s experience!”
Everything correct: Int +16
Girls are born to like shopping. (+5)
I still want to buy. (+0)
We’re late. They are sold out. (-3)

I should let him know how to spend money! (+0)
Common people don’t have much money. (-3)
This only way that I can help you is to confiscate your money! (+5)

It’s good that you can understand. (+0)
Is it hard to understand? (-3)
Haha, you think quick. (+5)

Above my career. (+0)
About fortune! (-3)
Above love (+5)


Party (Elegant/Graceful)
“This is your invitation letter. Don’t be late.”
Everything correct: First Met – Dancing Party CG, Int +8, Spirit +8

Fresh style dress fits me! (+5)
Sexy style dress fits me. (-3)
Noble style dress fits me! (+0)

You don’t have to do that. (-3)
Thank you very much! (+5)
I’ll leave it to you. (+0)

That’s embarrassing! (-3)
Please teach me! (+5)
Thank you. (+0)

Sorry, I screwed it up. (+5)
Whoops, I’m so sorry… (-3)
It’s very embarrassing. (+0)


Church (Solemn)
“I’ll wait for you in the church.”
Everything correct: Charm +16
This is your fault. (-3)
I didn’t notice… (+0)
I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it… (+5)

The prince is really considerate. (-3)
Thank you (+0)
The prince is a real man. (+5)

People will thank you for your kindness. (+0)
The prince will be loved by his people. (+5)
Thank you. (-3)

Thank you, my prince. (-3)
The prince is a real man. (+0)
The prince makes me feel safe. (+5)


Compensation (British)
“This is your invitation letter. Take it.”
Everything correct: Soul Mate – Moonlight Dance CG + Charm +8, Orig +8
I don’t understand him.
What’s in your mind?
I have to figure out what’s in his mind. (+5)

I cannot let her cook for me.
I’m here to help. (+5)
Do you need help?

Don’t you think my current state is good?
Don’t you think what I am now is good?
I like to be ordinary. (+5)

Being rich can do anything! (+5)
You’re really rich. (+0)
I did not mean it! (-3)


Other CG Events
*those that require clues to be unlocked. Obtains CG if you get every (+5). First playthrough is free after unlock. Subsequent playthroughs, if you didn’t obtain the CG, requires Love Stone(s).

Skip a Beat – My “Princess” (Noble)
Why me? (+0)
What are you doing? (-3)
I’d love to! (+5)

kidding me! (+0)
The title cannot be used casually. (-3)
Princess… not bad! (+5)

I see. (+0)
I focus on you too. (+5)
I don’t know which one I should choose. (-3)

You make me feel safe! (+0)
I can’t help but to rely on you! (+5)
So leave it to you. (-3)

Elvin  |  Table of Contents  |  Aoi


38 thoughts on “[Romantic Diary] Reinhard

  1. Skip a beat – Dependence (collect 30 pieces)
    High Class Style

    You’re a good prince. (mood+5 Affection+24)
    Whoa, you’re full of responsibility! (mood+0 Affection+12)
    Your mind changed quickly. (mood-3 Affection+0)

    But meat an wines are not in my question. (mood-3 Affection+0)
    The prince’s world is full of red wines and barbecues. (mood+0 Affection+12)
    It seems you can be a cooking prince! (mood+5 Affection+24)

    I’d like to try on this dress! (mood+0 Affection+12)
    Give this dress as a gift to kathy. (mood+5 Affection+24)
    I don’t know if it fits kathy! (mood-3 Affection+0)

    I feel a little excited to be the prince’s teacher. (mood+5 Affection+24)
    Your balance is good. (mood+0 Affection+12)
    You are a common people today. (mood-3 Affection+0)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Birthday Gift:
    “Something happened when you are on a date with Reinhard! Tackle it now.”

    Reinhard, can I trouble you to help me thank her~ (Mood +0, Affection +23)
    Will you give me a gift too?
    She is too nice

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I got this from date. Route I took but not in this particular arrangement: Amusement park –> Cafe —> Beach

    Some student tells me there’s a contest for couples and the prize for winning is that “cute swimsuit you always wanted”. Then the prince, Reinhard, suddenly came in and you asked him to pretend to be a couple with you but he said no lmao.

    -Please tell me why you cannot help me! (Mood+0 Affection+0)
    -Can you tell me why? (?)
    -Why cannot you help me? (?)

    The result for the choice I took was hims saying: “I would never cheat. But I can say yes to your request.”
    “We’re already a real couple..”
    “But just for this day!” <– he says that as he blushes.

    I don't have the results for the other choices yet, but if I ever see it again, I'll put a reply to this comment.


    Liked by 1 person

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