[Romantic Diary] Missions – 5* Solutions

Here are 5* solutions to missions I felt were slightly tougher. These are just the combinations I used; there’s probably dozens of solutions to each mission. If you have missions which you need help getting 5*s in, feel free leave a comment below and I’ll help if I have the answer to it.

My Invitation Code: 141076755

Table of Contents
Sets Used in Solutions
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11


36 thoughts on “[Romantic Diary] Missions – 5* Solutions

  1. Hi! Do you have any suggestions to get 5* for 5-6? I’m very close to getting 5* but has failed to do so. Thank you in advance and thanks so much for this guide! 🙂


    • 6-5 and 6-12 is up. 6-9 is pretty straightforward. Use Mature and/or Sexy items with the most stars that you have.

      I’ll check out the rest at a later date because I have urgent schoolwork to finish and my in-game energy has not replenished.


    • 6-14, -16 and -17 is up. The same set of clothes should work for all 3.

      6-19 is also pretty straightforward. Use Mature and/or Simple items with the most stars that you have.


  2. I can’t find item like you used for bottoms in 10-2. You say you used “cool summer.” Where can I find these, what do they look like?


  3. How do I get more transparent yarn? Said to get in mystics shop or forest quest, but I’ve complete the forest quest without anything being given.


    • You have to complete the ‘Vibrant Swimsuit in Summer’ quest in Star Forest. It’s possible to, but not definite that you will get Transparent Yarn in every completion.


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