[Romantic Diary] Chapter 5 Solutions

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Chapter 4 (Sakura Island)  |  5* Mission Solutions TOC  |  Chapter 6 (Evelyka)

Chapter 5 (Ancient Jungle) – Stage 3. Elven Forest
Luca’s Hometown
Persia Dancer – Vintage, Sexy
Score: 74282^ – Vintage 5+*, Sexy 5+* (Note: No socks)
Hair: Fire Flower
Dress: –
Top: Dance (✪ – Persian Dancer) (Alt: Azure Charm)
Bottom: Golden Plume (✪ – Persian Dancer) (Alt: Azure Charm)
Coat: –
Socks: –
Shoes: Diamond Slippers
Bag: –
Headwear: Bindi
Earring: Crystal Clothes (Alt: Red Earrings)
Necklace: Chord
Face: Purple Sheer
Bracelet: Freya’s Armlet
Ring: Sunset Flower
Waist: Azure Charm Belt (✪)
Effects: Lunar Month Moon
Others: Charming Stunner·Grey Elegance


Chapter 5 (Ancient Jungle) – Stage 5. Acorn Lake
Casual Household – Casual
Score: 68100^ – Casual 5+*
Hair: Roseley Beach Hair
Dress: –
Top: Short T-Shirt
Bottom: Magic Jeans
Coat: –
Socks: Ceramic Socks
Shoes: White Sneakers
Bag: Sunshine Tale
Headwear: Cool Sunglasses
Earring: Bubble Bath Ear
Necklace: Skateboard Love
Face: Summer Beach
Bracelet: Snake
Ring: Sea Bubble Crystal (Alt: Mirror)
Waist: –
Effects: –
Others: Sweetheart Sun (Alt: Film Memory)


Chapter 5 (Ancient Jungle) – Stage 6. Tree of Origin
Awake Dryad
Fresh and Comfortable – Casual, Pretty, Pure
Score: 70880 – Pretty 5+*, Pure 5+*, Casual 5*
Hair: Curly Hair
Dress: Wind Blue
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: Rainbow Bubble Gauze (Alt: Mist Cape, Silk Garment)
Socks: Singer Right and Wrong
Shoes: Rainbow Bubble Crystal (Alt: Singer Joy)
Bag: Sunshine Tale
Headwear: Floppy Hat
Earring: Green Bud
Necklace: Shell Love
Face: Meow Garden Caprice (Alt: Summer Beach)
Bracelet: Emerald Necklace
Ring: Sea Bubble Crystal (Alt: Star Cluster)
Waist: Strawberry Ormosia
Effects: Squirrel’s Deciduous
Others: Meow Garden Edacity (Alt: Film Memory)


Chapter 4 (Sakura Island)  |  5* Mission Solutions TOC  |  Chapter 6 (Evelyka)


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