[Romantic Diary] Sets Used In Solutions

List of sets which items were used in the solutions
Items you don’t have can usually be replaced with items of similar attributes.

Original Style
–Fantasy (time limited)
–Kitty Garden (time limited)
–Pitch (time limited)
–Rainbow Bubble (time limited)
–Illusory Front (time limited)
–Sweetheart (time limited)
–Quiet Girl (star show)
–General’s Daughter (story)
–Explorer (story + tailor)
–Cowboy (tailor + shop)
–Noble Girl (tailor)
–Shining Style (tailor + elven toy + elven toy shop)
–Rhythm Sky (tailor + shop)
–Roseley Beach (shop + elven toy)
–Flower & Candy (?)

Babel Garden
–Girl Detective (time limited)
–Royal Guard (time limited)
–Saint Lily (time limited)
–Tea Lolita (time limited)
–Major General (story + tailor)
–Maria (story + tailor)
–Star Witch (story + tailor)
–Earl Blue (star show credit mall)
–Ares’ Carnival (elven toy)
–Purple Night (elven toy)
–Plato Love (achievement)

Sky Whisper
–Hibiscus Virgo (star chart)
–Refined Choice Libra (star chart)

Glowing Oasis
–Autumn Moon (time limited)
–Herb & Orchid (time limited)
–Night Walk (time limited)
–Grass (time limited)
–Ninja Rose (story + shop + tailor)
–Perilla (story)
–Red Window (sky tower)
–High Priest (shop + elven toy + tailor)

Child’s Fable
–Lunar Month (time limited)
–Elf Guard (shop, tailor, star show credit mall)
–Wind Tribe (shop, star show credit mall)
–Dream Flower (gift for diamond purchase)
–Charming Stunner (elven toy)
–Sea Bubble (elven toy shop)

Dreamy Wedding Gown
–Blue Vow (elven toy)

Teen Idol
–Adolescent (time limited)
–Fox Singer (story)
–Singer (story)

Flower Whisper
–Thorny Ruins (sky tower)

Night Feast


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