[Superhero’s Choice] V1 Walkthrough

Choice Compendium | Table of Contents


900+ – Feared by evil, loved by good!
700+ – Deadly superhero (and hot)
500+ – Superhero
300+ – Alive… surprisingly
< 300 – Wetter of the tights


Starts with 10 Life, 250 Money, 3 Fuel and 0 Heroism


Help the old man
Try to save Future Man

Leave the old man
Reassure the old man (heroism +2, life -1)
Pick up the old man and run

Help the police (heroism +2)
Vanish into the night

Vanish into the night

Go after the Silver Squirrel
Stop the muggers

Use Revenginator (2 Fuel) (fuel -2) (*)
Use Tranq-dart (1 fuel)
Stealth attack the muggers (life -1, heroism +2 later)
Use a Sonic Bomb (1 fuel)

Go to the warehouse district
Go to the Stockyard

Help catch Crybaby (heroism +1)
Let Serpent Teen handle Crybaby

Jump on the car
Toss caltrops (heroism +1)
Throw a smoke bomb (1 Fuel)

Dive under the car
Roll to the right

Rush crybaby
Attack with Revenginator (Fuel 2) (fuel -2, heroism +2)
Attack with Tranq-dart

Ok, I’ll take care of Opossum
Just give me the bill (200 money)

Call out the Opossum
Take a seat and be cool
Get out of there

Describe Opossum to the bartender
Bribe the bartender (50 money)
Threaten bartender

Rush the thug (heroism +1, heroism +1 later)
Wait for the thug

Ask for Jack’s money (money +300, money -300 later)
Ask about the Vanquishers

Follow the Fuzz and War Frog
Follow the sedan (heroism +1)
Follow the woman

Meet the supplier for nano-fuel
Don’t meet the supplier

Buy 1 unit (50 money) (Note: Buy 5 units.)

Buy 1 unit (50 money)
You’re done


(life +1, money +100)


The Fuzz and War Frog
Doctor Density (heroism +2)
Adder and Penny-pincher

Say yes
Say no

Team up with Overreactor
Go it alone

Ask him what he’s talking about
Go after the punks

Threaten Overreactor
Ask Overreactor nicely
Try to trick Overreactor (heroism +1)

Use your Sticky-Grapnel on the boy
Stealth attack the punks
Smoke bomb the punks (heroism +2, fuel -1)

Try to slip through the barrier
Ask the police what’s happening
Ask the police to let you through

Just somebody trying to help
I’m the Revenger! (Hero 10 Req) (heroism +1)

Join in the fight
Stay out of it for now

Attack with Revenginator
Attack with a flying kick (heroism +1, life -1)
Attack with Tranq-Dart

Back off Doctor Density
Fire Revenginator (2 Fuel)
Try to tackle Doctor Density
Attack with a flying kick
Attack with tranq-dart (1 Fuel)

Stay with the other heroes
Follow the prisoner transport (heroism +2)
Stay behind at the wharf

Ask if Charlie has more fuel
Ask about AngelCorp

Buy 1 unit (50 money)
Buy 2 units (100 money) (fuel +2, money -100)
Buy 3 units (150 money)
Buy 4 units (200 money)

Leave now
Ask Charlie what’s wrong 
Ask Charlie about AngelCorp

Press Charlie for more info
Tell Charlie to get on the cycle 
Leave now


(life +1)


Nope. Not me.
I had no choice!

I swear, I never made a deal. (heroism +1)
Ok! I made a deal with AngelCorp!




Glide down to the roof
Sneak through the sewers
Keep watching the building

Land in the alley
Keep going toward the roof

Follow Doctor Density (heroism +1)
Keep casing the warehouse

Seek out Serpent Teen
Seek out Captain Jingo
Seek out Tightrope

Promise Tightrope not to tell
No way, Tightrope

Fire a Sticky-Grapnel line
Fight off Tightrope (heroism +1)
Try to land

Seek out Serpent Teen
Seek out Captain Jingo

Challenge Jingo to a fight
Give up on Jingo
Tell Jingo about AngelCorp (heroism +2)


(life +1)


Revenginator (fuel 2) (heroism +2, life -1, fuel -2)
Tranq-Dart (fuel 1)
Flying Kick

Rescue the cops (heroism +1)
Wait for Doctor Density to emerge

Revenginator at Dr. Density (2 Fuel)
Revenginator at Vexer (2 Fuel) (fuel -2, heroism +1)
Sticky-Grapnel at Dr. Density
Sticky- Graphnel at Vexer

Splash Doctor Density
Dive underwater (heroism +2 later)
Swim to Doctor Density

Let go of Doctor Density
Save Doctor Density (heroism +2)



Ends with 9 Life, 0 Money, 3 Fuel and 34 Heroism

Score: 1020
Completed Superhero’s Choice V1
Highest rank for Superhero’s Choice V1


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