[Medieval Shorts 3 – Dr. DontLittle] – Selling the Tickets

Medieval Shorts 3 – Dr. DontLittle is a side story of Medieval Cop, a point-and-click series by GeminiGamer (VasantJ). The game features Amber Heart as she spends her unpaid leave and tries to deal with her (supposed) insanity. Kongregate.

Talk to these people and creatures in the following order.

Chef (beside the fire)
+ Soul Catcher Potato

Housewife (up the hill on the left side of the map)
* learns about Sparkles the dog

Bernard (by the lake)
– Soul Catcher Potato
+ Half-eaten Potato

Vilrole (by the lake)
Choose Vilrole as the winner
– 5 tickets

Sir Lore (by the lake)
Choose Lina as the thief
– 5 tickets

Mila (across the bridge by the lake)
(Potato + Tomato + Leek = 35)
(Tomato + Tomato + Potato = 40)
(Leek + Leek + Leek = 15)

What is the price of (Potato x Leek)
100 (✓)

– 2 tickets
+ Sandwich

Woofs-A-Lot (near Mila)
* finds Sparkles
* mysterious voice offers help

Johanna (by the garden)
* complete mini-game; catch the rabbits
– 1 ticket

Old Lady (sitting on the bench)
– Sandwich
– 1 ticket

Chef (by the fire)
– Half-eaten Potato
– 2 tickets

Mole (near the Chef)
* learns about animal psychological warfare 😛

Woofs-A-Lot (near Mila)
+ Sparkles

Housewife (up the hill on the left side of the map)
– Sparkles
– 4 tickets

Awesome NoS (on the bridge by the river)
* saves a suicidal horse
* cheers up

Garey (to the left of the garden)
* complete mini-game; click the image *cough* more than 45 times
– 3 tickets

Adam (up the hill on the left side of the map)
* complete mini-game; beat Adam at Rock, Paper, Scissors. You should win regardless of what you choose on round two.
– 2 tickets

~ 20 tickets sold! ~


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