[Romantic Diary] 3* and above Operation Love Solutions

Operation Love quests and solutions with the highest stars that I know. Items with the ♧ symbol beside them are parts of time-limited sets. You can use these as reference to try and get higher stars.

My Invitation Code: 141076755


Luca: Let’s date on a town street in summer! 
Pure (consider Trendy)
Score: 28624, 3*
Hair: Kite
Dress: –
Top: Adolescence
Bottom: Black Denim Shorts
Coat: Mist Cape
Socks: Ceramic Socks
Shoes: Golden Tassel
Bag: Heart Alice
Headwear: Strawberry Essence
Earring: Pearl Fruit
Necklace: Shell Date
Face: Summer Beach
Bracelet: Snake
Ring: Sea Bubble Crystal
Waist: Strawberry Ormosia
Effects: –
Others: Film Memory


Luca: Let’s date on a town street in winter! 
Pretty, Simple, Pure, Casual
Score: 42720, 4* (Pretty 3*, Simple 3*, Casual 5+*, Pure 3*)

Hair: Spring Kitten Willow (Alt: Curly Hair)
Dress: –
Top: Luca Bear Shirt
Bottom: Dynamic Luster Trousers
Coat: Dynamic Luster Clothes
Socks: Bunny Knee Socks
Shoes: White Sneakers
Bag: Flower Rain Butterfly Whisper (Alt: Sunshine Tale)
Headwear: Strawberry Essence (Alt: Pink Sports Headband)
Earring: Pearl Fruit
Necklace: Shell Love
.Face: Ninja Rose Legend (Alt: Blue Glasses)
Bracelet: Strawberry Heart (Alt: Silver Bracelet)
Ring: Sea Bubble Crystal
Waist: Strawberry Ormosia
Effects: Rainbow Bubble Fancy ♧
Others: Snow Plume


Luca: Stroll in the green fields in spring!
Pretty, Simple, Gentle&Quiet, Pure
Score: 85826, 5*
Hair:  Peach Blossom Green Vine ♧
Dress: Spring View
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: Spring Kitten Float ♧
Socks: Spring Kitten Windy ♧
Shoes: Grass Dew
Bag: Orange Days Flower Singing
Headwear: Clover Girl
Earring: Green Bud
Necklace: Sea Bubble Wish
Face: Green Mirror
Bracelet: Emerald Pearl
Ring: Sea Bubble Crystal
Waist: Meow Garden Curious ♧
Effects: Rainbow Bubble Fancy ♧
Others: Snow Plume


Elvin: Show how gentle you are at home.
Score: 30293, 3*
Hair: Momory
Dress: –
Top: Pink Woolen Top
Bottom: Pink Fleece Trousers
Coat: Pink Mood
Socks: Bunny Candy
Shoes: Pink Dream Shoes
Bag: Rabbit
Headwear: Pink Panther Tie
Earring: Star String
Necklace: Energy Cube
Face: Green Mirror
Bracelet: Sapphire Ring
Ring: Sea Bubble Crystal
Waist: Tight Belt
Effects: –
Others: Cone Sachet ♧


Yusetta: Want to have great fun on the beach in summer!
Pretty 5*, Sexy 2*
Score: 44250, 4*
Hair: Lively Ponytails
Dress: –
Top: Green Mango
Bottom: Flower in the Water
Coat: Hooded Cape
Socks: Youthful Knee Socks
Shoes: Strawberry Ripple
Bag: Sunflower Bag
Headwear: Roll-Up Straw Hat
Earring: Pearl Fruit
Necklace: Township Love
Face: Sunglasses
Bracelet: Blue Wristband
Ring: Blue Vow
Waist: Azure Charm Belt
Effects: Penguin Magician Antarctica ♧
Others: Butterfly Tattoo


Elvin: Experience young girls’ romantic feelings in a small European town!
Score: 52327, 4*
Hair: Grain Goddess Rich ♧
Dress: –
Top: Grain Goddess Luxuriant ♧
Bottom: Grain Goddess Cedar ♧
Coat: Grain Goddess Forest ♧
Socks: Grain Goddess Flower ♧
Shoes: Grain Goddess Run ♧
Bag: Grain Goddess Wheatear ♧
Headwear: Grain Goddess Sensitive ♧
Earring: Green Bud
Necklace: Sea Bubble Wish
Face: Butterfly Mask
Bracelet: Strawberry Heart
Ring: Sea Bubble Crystal
Waist: Strawberry Ormosia ♧
Effects: Rainbow Bubble Fancy ♧
Others: Flying Feather ♧


Reinhard: Show your Vitality in winter’s ski resort!
Score: 58391, 5*
Hair: Energetic Ponytail
Dress: –
Top: Camisole
Bottom: Dynamic Luster Trousers
Coat: Dynamic Luster Clothes
Socks: Black Knee Socks
Shoes: White Sneakers
Bag: Cool Skateboard
Headwear: Pink Sports Headband
Earring: Star String
Necklace: Skateboard Love
Face: Ninja Rose Legend
Bracelet: Blue Wristband
Ring: Mirror
Waist: –
Effects: Pitch Star
Others: Ninja Rose Starry Night


Yusetta: Show your solemn beauty in the imperial city in autumn1
Vintage, Solemn, Gentle&Quiet, Gorgeous
Score: 88818, 5*
Hair: Amaterasu Light ♧
Dress: Amaterasu Bright ♧
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: Amaterasu Precious♧
Socks: Earl Blue Tower
Shoes: Amaterasu Mirror ♧
Bag: Earl Blue Sage
Headwear: Amaterasu Jade ♧
Earring: Amaterasu Bobbles ♧
Necklace: Amaterasu Sky ♧
Face: Earl Blue Lens
Bracelet: Freya’s Armlet
Ring: –
Waist: Round Jade
Effects:Moon Goddess Window ♧
Others: –

Score: 80302, 5*
Hair: Earl Blue City of Fog
Dress: Autumn Trip Fashion ♧
Top: –
Bottom: –
Coat: Earl Blue Snow
Socks: Earl Blue Tower
Shoes: Earl Blue Lolo
Bag: Earl Blue Sage
Headwear: Earl Blue Butterfly
Earring: Sea Bubble Tear
Necklace: Earl Blue Princess
Face: Earl Blue Lens
Bracelet: Freya’s Armlet
Ring: Sunset Flower
Waist: Round Jade
Effects: Saint Lily Emerald ♧
Others: –

Score: 70587, 5*
Hair: Magpie Fairy Clouds
Dress: –
Top: Blue Blouse
Bottom: Colorful Ruqun
Coat: Sheer Robe
Socks: Pink Clog Socks
Shoes: Moon
Bag: Blue Flower Aroma
Headwear: Camellia
Earring: Autumn Dew
Necklace: Sincerity
Face: Purple Sheer
Bracelet: Blue Flower Stone
Ring: Sunset Flower
Waist: Round Jade
Effects: –
Others: White Feather Arrow


Reinhard: Play in a falling cherry blossoms festivals!
Score: 80233, 5*
Hair: 8-Pedal Sakura Laurel Goddess
Dress: –
Top: Rosy Clouds (Alt: Mist)
Bottom: Red Shoes (Alt: Dimple)
Coat: Phoenix Cape ♧ (Alt: Fairy)
Socks: Night Walk Phantom ♧ (Alt: Pink Clog Socks)
Shoes: Phoenix Wood Embroidery ♧ (Alt: Cloud Boots)
Bag: Bead Fan
Headwear: Laurel Crown
Earring: Phoenix Wood Fringe ♧ (Alt: Jade Bead)
Necklace: Hermes’ Joy
Face: Purple Sheer
Bracelet: Freya’s Armlet
Ring: Sunset Flower
Waist: Color Weave
Effects: Lunar Month Moon ♧
Others: Flowing Wind


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