[Romantic Diary] Instance

My Invitation Code: 141076755

Starring: Luca / Elvin

+ = affection count



Elvin: You already said that for times…

Em? Elvin looks very open today~ (Elvin +20)
It’s rare that we go out together~ (nothing)
Cause Luca like here as well~ (Luca +20)


Luca: Who needs you to say that!

Is Luca chasing me? (Luca +20)
Luck, you are so pride (nothing)
Elvin makes me feel so warm (Elvin +20)


Elvin: As long as their heart combined together, even if there are quarrels, they can overcome it

Yes, as long as their heart combined together. (Elvin +20)
That’s human’s sense of marriage (nothing)
That’s why people say the Love is not easy. (Luca +20)


Elvin: Don’t pretend to be angry with smile next time.

Elvin! (Luca +20)
Luca! (Elvin +20)
Emm! (nothing)

Luca 60/60: Quests 11
Elvin 60/60: Quests 12


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