[Romantic Diary] FAQ

There’s been a lot of similar questions asked over these months so I hope this FAQ will help and clear some things up. Also, I’d like to thank people who’ve been very kindly taking their time to contribute.

I suggest reading the comments in the specific pages you may have questions for, if my guides are not comprehensive enough. Some of the community may have the answers to your questions.

Table of Contents

Q1. Where do you find ______ clothing item?

  1. Fashion Shop
  2. Elven Toy (diamond & gold)
  3. Prayer Gate (under Story)
  4. Tailor Shop (Make Clothes, Clothes Research & Evolve Clothes)
  5. Star Show Credit Mall
  6. Sky Tower (chests & Sky Shop)
  7. JP Redeem (under Daily) (‘sketches’)
  8. Zodiac Set Redeem (under Timed Event > 12 Zodiac Signs)
  9. Quest (under Friends)
  10. Achievement rewards
  11. Event

If you don’t find it in the above places, it could be a time-limited item from an event that’s already over or it could be that you haven’t gotten far enough in the missions to unlock it in the Fashion Shop.

You can also try to locate the item (if it’s from a set) in the Closet, which will state where you can find it. If you still can’t find it despite going through everything, it may be a bug? I suppose you can try contacting the game developers.



Q2. Can I use ______ clothing item as a substitute?

I’m aware that some of the items used in my solutions are time-limited ones, so I try my best to find and add alternatives. The combinations shown are what give the highest scores that I know of and are definitely not the only combinations. Don’t be afraid to try out other combinations! The cut scenes/dialogue in each stage, the stage title and style types may all serve as hints as to what clothing to choose.

Items marked with (✪) are what I believe are necessary and can’t be substituted. This belief usually stems from a huge drop in the score, a direct failure if such items are removed or the stage hint itself stating that said items are necessary. But like I said, don’t be afraid to attempt substituting them, who knows, maybe there’s something that gives a better score.



Q3. What did you use for stage ______?

If I didn’t put up a solution for a particular stage, it’s because I believe those stages are pretty straightforward. A.k.a can be cleared by using clothes with the highest stars that you have and that pertains to the particular style. Otherwise, it’s just that I haven’t gotten a 5* on it yet… which for now is only stage 11-6. So if there’s any you need help on, with the exception of that stage, feel free to leave a comment. Btw, it seems that 11-6 requires some items from the Stage 11 Prayer Gate (?).



Q4. Why can’t I find ______? / Why don’t I have ______?

Seriously, I’m not the best person to ask for such questions. I doubt I’ll have an answer for you. Please contact the devs instead!



Q5. Almighty Clues?

Almighty Clues can be exchanged for CGs in Love Shop.

How to obtain
Opening Secret Diaries and Random Clues in the Rewards Center gives you Almighty Clues.

1. Buy Secret Diary(Luca) and Secret Diary(Elvin) in the Love Shop. Love Shop can be accessed from Date > Love Shop.

2. Random Clue, a possible drop in some of the costume boxes you buy through Giftbox Activity, has a similar function.

3. Random Clue is also a possible item to get in Love Wheel.

Table of Contents


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