[The Prison Boys] Chapter 5 Walkthrough

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(Stages 2, 4) Mitsuru -In the cultivation room- (2), The incident hasn’t solved yet
~The 9th basement, Laboratory~

The incident has been solved. (Ending 10 — The Prison)
The incident has not been solved yet. (✓)

The person who killed Naoya is…
General Kongou (Ending 10 — The Prison)
Mitsuru (Ending 10 — The Prison)
Someone else (✓)

Nagi Saeki
– About General Kongou

Move to Cultivation Room

Mitsuru Fuwa
– About this room
– About Hades grass

1. Tap the middle of the Hades Grass field and clear the soil. {+ note about September 1st}
2. The note mentions September 1st. September (9月) is the 9th month. Go to the two wheels on the left wall. Turn the left wheel arrowhead to ‘1’ and the right wheel to ‘9’. A panel will open. {+ note about 8:15}
3. The note mentions 8時 (o’clock/hours) 15分 (minutes), and that ‘time will stop’. Go to the motionless watch in your inventory. Move the hour/short hand to 8 (VII). Move the minutes/long hand to 15 (III). {+ key, decomposed pocket watch}
4. Use the seal on the decomposed pocket watch. {+list of Yozakurakai members} Meiichiro Ohkawa’s name is on it.
5. Use key on the door near the ceiling vent and proceed.



(Stage 6) Search – The 11th basement
~The 11th basement, the room for body disposal~

1. Tap the body bag on the right. {+ gloves} Taking a closer look at the inside of the glove will reveal a tag that says ‘A.K.226’
2. Tap the body-sized storage tank to the left of the other body bag. {+ letter to A.K.226}
3. View the list of Yozakurakai members. There’s a name with the initials A.K.; Akira Kagesa. Remember this~
4. Go to the door on the left wall, the one with an electronic numerical lock. If you turn your phone upside down, the letters read ‘AK’. Enter 9-2-2, which would be 226 when flipped upside down. The door will open. Proceed.



(Stage 7) Search – The 12th basement
~The 12th basement, ???~

Use bottle with a prepared chemical on Yamato.



(Stages 10 to 16) Investigation – Kyouji (1) to (7)
~The 12th basement, ???~

Walk to Kyouji (Ending 11 — Disappointment)
Stop Yamato (✓)

Kyouji’s words are…
lies (✓)
not lies (Ending 11 — Disappointment)

The person who Kyouji set up in a planned way is…
Saizo Kusama

Which part of Kyouji will you check?
Hands (✓)

The evidence that Yamato scratched Kyouji’s hand is
Blood on Yamato’s nails

The thing that connects Yamato’s blood and the scratch on his hand is

The time when this glove got the blood stain is…
unprovable. (✓)

The evidence that the glove gives is…
Letter to A.K.226

Kyouji’s real name is…
List of Yozakurakai members



(Stage 22) Search – In the cage
~The 7th basement, Hallway of the prison~

Yamato Kidou
– About Akira Kagesa
– About the 12th basement

1. Move the metal box in the corner. A metal plate will be revealed.
2. Look at the words on the left wall. The 3 red words are い (i), ぬ (nu), を (wo).
3. Go to the metal plate. Align the い, ぬ and を characters on the opposite end of the elongated hoop section by tapping the left outside arrow 1x and the right inside arrow 2x. Turn your phone if it makes it easier to read the words in the elongated hoop section:と (to), に (ni) and へ (e).
4. Go to the metal box. Enter . (Tap the left box 6x, the middle box 3x and the right box 5x) {+ revolver}



(Stage 24) Nagi -Fighting-
~The 7th basement, In the prison~

– Use revolver on Nagi (Ending 12 — Nagi)
– Don’t do anything (Ending 13 — The Tokkou)
– Use mirror on Nagi (Ending — Dear my best friend) (Note: You can collect Gallery Card 2s after getting this ending) 




nakimushi’s afterword
The Prison Boys may be fictional but a number of real life events and locations are mentioned in it. Below are some links if you’re interested to read more~!

Asakusa Twelve-Storeys
Asakusa, Tokyo
Great Kantō Earthquake
– Taishō era

P.S. As of this post, fanart lovers will have more luck searching the Japanese title, 監獄少年, instead of the English one.

Chapter 4 (Full)  |  Detective Games ToC  |  Gallery Cards Guide


13 thoughts on “[The Prison Boys] Chapter 5 Walkthrough

    • There’s some process you have to do for going to chapter 5. Go to the following chapters and make the correct choice.
      Chapter 1-A suspect [choice- I think the probability is low, lock the room]
      Chapter 2-Mitsuru [choice- I have no objection]
      Chapter 2-An opened book [choice- Mitsuru Fuwa]
      Chapter 4-Vanished Yamato (2) [choice- Let’s help Yamato, I agree]
      That’s it! Chapter 5 will be unlock now and you can proceed to chapter 5.


  1. I finished this game and now my head is spinning… Where is my happy end? So who was the guy that survived? Tetsu right? Since the fonts are red…


  2. I just found out a short way skip to end 11. It’s maybe silly way but I just want to tell…
    In Laboratory,9th,
    – Skip step 4( decomposed pocket watch +Naoya’s gift seal -> Y.O’s members list)
    – Go strike to the next 10th,then keep following the process till you hit Kouji and start to investigates him, keep chooses along same as normal:Hands-> Blood from Yamato’s Nail -> The Gloves.
    – Then we’re all received Kouji committed that gloves was his.
    – The Noted Dialogue : “The time when the glove got blood stain is-unprovable” , is no longer can be Optional with provable unprovable.
    – Tetsu failed to keep the investigate go on and have to follow Kouji and else to the ground-> Ending 11.


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