[ZS Dead Detective] Nine Death Cats Walkthrough

Dead Detective vs Nine Death Cats is part of the Zombie Society Dead Detective series by Muja, Interactales. Kongregate. Newgrounds. See the guide for the other endings here.


Combine Clues & Interpret Deductions
1. Snappy Dresser + Fancy Hairstyle

Miss Slobber is a rich and successful woman (✓)
Miss Slobber might be a fashion designer

2. (existing deduction)
It must be red paint (✓)
It’s just blood. Which isn’t unusual to find on a zombie’s hands

3. (existing deduction) 
Slobber and Kashl must be friends
Slobber and Kashl know each other because of their line of work (✓)

4. Miss Slobber is an artist, probably a painter
Yeah, that’s it. I’m positive (✓)
Wait, let me check my notes again…

We need to find out the real target of the thief
Why didn’t you go to the police?
How did you meet Mr. Kashl?


Police Station
Where can I find the Commissioner? (+ new location)
Does the Nine Deaths Cat worry you that much? (+ new evidence)
Is there really nothing else you can tell me? (+new item)

Go to Kashl’s Art Museum.


Kashl’s Art Museum
Go to the Office on the left

… Do I know you from somewhere?
I want to talk to Mr. Kashl

Keep moving right until you see two corpses conversing

So, what do you think is the thief’s target, this time?
What can you tell me about Mr. Kashl, the owner of the museum? (+ new evidence)
Have you already met Slobber, the artist?

Use the map (hover over the centre top part of the screen to bring down the dropdown box) to move to Office.


Use notes containing dates on the cabinet with books. (+ new location)

Go to Hohum.


Knock on the door

Go to Kashl’s Art Museum


Kashl’s Art Museum
Go to the Office on the left.

Have you heard? Someone’s looking for a bodyguard…

Click on the painting (+ new evidence)

NDC sent message to Slobber (+ new evidence)

Go to Hohum


Talk to Guard
Are you enjoying the new job?
Come on, give us a hint at least (Note: Guard says: “the new password is different“)
I want to talk to Mr. Hohum

There is no password
“Different” (✓)
“Scooby Dooby Dead”
“Dead End”

Talk to Hohum
If you do recognise us, why the password?
Is it true you’re a victim of the Nine Deaths Cat, too? (+ new evidence)
Did the thief send you a message? (+ new item)

Go to Grumble Mansion.


Grumble Mansion
Talk to Ghvnn
What do you know about Mr. Grumble?

Talk to Mr. Grumble
So it’s true? The cat stole all of your money? (+ new evidence)
Did the thief send you a message, by any chance? (+ new item, new evidence)
I’ve also heard you’re a friend of Mr. Kashl, the art collector? (+ new evidence)

Go to Slobber’s Studio


Slobber’s Studio
Evil, heartless businessman (+ new evidence)
Statue worth million neuros (+ new evidence)
Lucky charm painting in office (+ new evidence)


Note: To combine or review clues and deductions, open the book in the dropdown box.

Combine Clues & Interpret Deductions
1. (existing deduction)

The Nine Deaths Cat prefers to steal items of value
The Cat loves to mix profits with symbolism
The cat usually steals to make a statement, rather than for personal profit (✓)

(Note: You can interpret deductions 2, 5 and 6 however you want.)

2. Private about residence + NDC sent message to Slobber
The thief sent the message to Slobber because he wanted to give us a hint.
The thief sent the message to Slobber because Kashl is usually very hard to find

3. NDC’s message is directed at Kashl + NDC always warns his victims (Note: You can review the message in your suitcase.)
The message is about something that Mr. Kashl doesn’t really need, even if he thinks he does
The message is about something that Mr. Kashl owns but rarely uses (✓)
The message might simply be a trick and I’d better ignore it

4. Used to be a gentleman + Evil, heartless businessman
Kashl’s reputation doesn’t correspond to the truth
Kashl really is a evil, heartless businessman (✓)

5. Lucky charm doesn’t have monetary value + Lucky charm painting in office
The thief might be interested in Mr. Kashl’s lucky charm
Mr. Kashl’s lucky charm has no value whatsoever

6. Statue worth million neuros + Statue safe in studio
This is the perfect time to steal Slobber’s statue
Stealing a statue is not the Cat’s style

The Nine Deaths Cat want to steal Mr. Kashl’s heart

Who is it
Slobber! (✓)
Slobber’s evil twin!

How she snuck in
You simply bribed the guard
Mr. Kashl knew you. You took advantage of that
You hid inside the statue (✓)

Give up. We know your real identity, now
But why Kashl? There’s no profit in this crime!
Enough talking, you’re under arrest!


Clues Found 10/10
Slobber is a painter — Correct
Slobber is the Nine Deaths Cat — Correct
The Cat hid inside Slobber’s Statue — Correct
The Cat wanted to steal Kashl’s heart — Correct
Final Score 27/27


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