[ZS Dead Detective] – Walls can Bleed Walkthrough

Walls can Bleed is part of the Zombie Society Dead Detective series by Interactales. Kongregate. Newgrounds.

Table of Contents  |  Other Endings

Click the door on the left to go out


Outside Gun Shop
1. Take postcard from the stand beside the protestor. (+item)
2. Enter the shop


Bratatat’s Gun Shop

– A Vandal? (+evidence)
– “Phantom”? (+evidence)
– Do you suspect anybody? (+location)

Use the map (hover over the centre top part of the screen to bring down the dropdown box) to move to Retirement Home.


Retirement Home

– Where did you buy that gun? (+evidence)
– I’m sorry to ask, but… Are you blind?

Vandal wrote a message (+evidence)

Mug on the table (+evidence)

Return to the outside of Bratatat’s Gun Shop and go round the right corner to the crime scene.


Crime Scene
1. Click the outhouse on the right. There’s someone inside.
2. Use the picture on the security camera.
3. Click the south end of the screen to move to the shop on the other side.


Shop on the other side
1. Click the door. It’s barred.
2. Return to Bratatat’s Gun Shop.


Bratatat’s Gun Shop
1. Check the monitor near the counter. (+evidence)
2. ‘Borrow’ the chainsaw on the shelf (+item)

What can you tell me about the guy living in your public toilet? (+evidence)

Leave the shop.


Outside Gun Shop
1. Consult Neiner about how Fnarr thinks she is the vandal (+evidence)
2. Move to the shop opposite the crime scene.


Hohum’s Shop
1. Use chainsaw on the door.
2. Pick up the piece of paper on the chair (+item)
3. Turn up the window blinds (+evidence)
4. Turn up the other window blinds (+evidence)

You seem scared out of your brain. Why? (+evidence)


Note: To combine or review clues and deductions, open the book in the dropdown box.

Combine Clues & Interpret Deductions
1. menacing drawing + persecutory delusions
Hohum is simply paranoid
Hohum’s fears might be well-founded (✓)

2. vandal wrote a message + message visible through window
The Vandal wrote the message on that wall so that Hohum would see it. (✓)
Hohum hadn’t even noticed. The message is not directed at him

3. shy Coocoo + helps out w/o monetary compensation
Coocoo has changed, thanks to Bratatat’s kindness
Coocoo’s change in attitude is suspicious, no two ways about it (✓)

4. picture of the wall + security camera
Coocoo was in the ideal position to attach the picture on the camera, unseen (✓)
Neiner took the picture of the wall and tricked the camera with it

Note: You can interpret deductions 5 and 6 however you want.

5. fake gun + Fnarr is blind
Fnarr had a motive to vandalise Bratatat’s shop
Fnarr is blind. He doesn’t know he bought a fake gun

6. Fnarr thinks Neiner is the vandal + Neiner thinks Fnarr is the vandal
Fnarr might be right, there’s something fishy about Neiner
There’s no guarantee that one of them is right
Neiner is right, Fnarr might be the vandal

Coocoo the Fool is the vandal.

That means that Coocoo never existed in the first place
That means this guy took Coocoo’s place to carry out his plan (✓)


Clues found 12/12
Coocoo is the vandal — Correct
Final Score 22/22

Table of Contents  |  Other Endings


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